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22 Facts To Totally Destroy Your Worldview

Yep, that's what a skull with milk teeth looks like.

1. First of all, did you know that it's impossible to hold your nose and hum?

2. Or that in France, people were still able to be executed by guillotine in the same year that the first Star Wars movie was released in theaters?

3. How about this: When the mammoths finally died out, the pyramids of Giza were already 1000 years old .

4. Speaking of which: Cleopatra lived closer in time to the invention of the iPhone than to the construction of the Great Pyramids.

5. Also, those pyramids aren't actually out all alone in the desert...

But DIRECTLY bordering the city of Giza.

6. Russia and Pluto have about the same surface area.

7. More on Pluto: In the time that's elapsed between its discovery in 1930 and today, the dwarf planet has not yet achieved a complete orbit of the sun — it will only do so by the year 2178.

8. While we're on the solar system, here's a reminder of how small our earth is compared to the sun.

9. And here's how our relatively little sun compares to the VY Canis Majoris — one of the biggest stars of the Milky Way.

10. Back to Earth: The world map as you know it is almost totally incorrect.

For example, you might be led to believe that Greenland and Africa are the same-ish size. They are not — look at this animated comparison!

This version of the world map, the so-called Peters projection, depicts the relative sizes of continents far more accurately:

11. Switching gears now: FYI, this is what the skull of a kid with all of their milk teeth looks like:

12. If you love "Mambo No. 5," you should know that Lou Bega's real name is David Lubega.

13. The "2x Snickers" bar is really only 1.5 Snickers, sorry.

14. And the two faces morphing into each other here belong to Elijah Wood and Daniel Radcliffe.

15. The Krusty Krab is not in the shape of a treasure chest at all — it's the shape of a lobster trap. 😥

16. Did you know that pineapples grow on the ground like this?

17. Or that the real Winnie the Pooh is actually female?

18. The time period stretching between the existence of humans and the existence of the T-Rex is barely shorter than the time period separating the existence of the T-Rex and the stegosaurus.

19. After English, German is the most widely spoken language in North Dakota.

20. Michael J. Fox not only plays Marty McFly in Back to the Future 2 , but also his son, Marty McFly Jr., AND daughter, Marlene McFly.

21. The name "Barbie" is a nickname for "Barbara."

22. Finally, no one really knows why the alphabet is in the order that it is.

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This post was translated from German.