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    17 People Who Get An F For Effort

    You don't like it? You do it.

    1. "Did you install that chimney on the back of the house?" "Yeah, whatever."

    catburglarrr / Via

    2. "Did you finish dressing all the mannequins?" "Yeah, whatever."

    3. "Are you sure?" "I said yeah! Whatever!"

    ratsakle / Via

    4. "Did you find a place to install that power box so that it doesn't stand out too much?" "Yeah, whatever."

    drDOOM_is_in / Via

    5. "Did you put extra rolls of toilet paper in the customer restrooms?" "Yeah, whatever."

    6. "Did you get that fire escape installed?" "Yeah, whatever."

    kristenmand / Via

    7. "Did you manage to find a place for that new street lamp?" "Yeah, whatever."

    8. "Did you get that bench installed?" "Yeah, whatever."

    GaloombaNotGoomba / Via

    9. "Did you figure out where to install that new staircase?" "Yeah, whatever."

    10. "Did you lay the concrete for that new platform?" "Yeah, whatever."

    Simonleloup / Via

    11. "Did you manage to get that pothole filled?" "Yeah, whatever."

    Matze_827 / Via

    12. "Did you take care of that broken tile in the bathroom?" "Yeah, whatever."

    Ethantburg / Via

    13. "Did you get that railing installed in the stairwell?" "Yeah, whatever."

    14. "Are the traffic signs all up?" "Yeah, whatever."

    15. "Did you find a solution for our clock problem?" "Yeah, whatever."

    vvribeiro / Via

    16. "Are those solar panels installed?" "Yeah, whatever."

    17. "Did you mark the bike path so cars know not to park there?" "Yeah, whatever."

    This post was translated from German.

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