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    14 Photos That Are So Aesthetically Perfect That They'll Probably Lower Your Blood Pressure

    It's like a massage for your eyeballs.

    1. First, look at this fully glorious sunset:

    2. Now look at this perfectly circular stone:

    3. And this picture-perfect snowflake:

    4. And this awe-inspiring succulent:

    5. Yes, that's actual cake icing!!

    6. And this is a real cheeseburger that someone, somewhere got to eat:

    7. Please pause to enjoy the color gradient in this cup of coffee:

    8. Now feast your eyes on this geometrically exquisite flower:

    9. This is what happens when you drop a sugar cube into a layer of coffee foam — it's like a teeny tiny tunnel!

    10. And this is technically just a photo of some stems sticking out of a pond, but the way the reflections play out...I could look at it forever:

    11. Sorry, but this car needs to stay parked here for the rest of winter:

    12. And this plant looks like it came straight out of an illustration:

    13. No one is allowed to jump in this pool until we've all had a chance to marvel at its glassy surface...

    14. And finally, is this not **the** most beautiful tree you've ever seen??

    This post was translated from German.