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    Important Information Regarding The Illuminati From Donald Marshall

    Very important information regarding the illuminati and their secrets. Please share this with as many people as you can, the future of our species greatly depends on it.

    ATTENTION:If you are a HUMAN you must read this, it contains knowledge of VRILL the reptilian shape shifters people talk about, there has never been a more comprehensive and informative expose of their appearance ecology and behavior ever before. David Icke is NOT going to tell you about them, this is your one chance to know about the lizards do not squander this opportunity. This is a major time in earth’s history my friends and the importance is astronomical, go to the page on the link provided below, this is crucial to the SURVIVAL of our SPECIES.THIS IS the most important time of your lives, you must read all relevant posts in here including older posts, the most important and interesting information you will ever see... no one else is going to tell you about Vrill but me. If you disregard these facts you doom the human race to becoming drones and allowing people to continue to sacrifice children and adults to these "demons" It is absolutely crucial to the survival of our species that these things be eradicated from our planet. Copy all pertinent facts and keep them for posterity show others, the only thing that will stop this is getting this information to the populace... I have no agenda but to share the truth with the world as I'm going to die from heart failure due to clone torture. Read all of my posts especially older posts and all corroborating info. This will be your only chance to save our race and world from Vrill. You have been warned.

    Illuminati want to sear the surface of the Earth to avoid persecution and they live comfortably in underground dumbs bases for the rest of their lives, cloning people at leisure messing with them in odd ways for fun...there are also other problems..the human hosts don't want to be killed...

    they want to be sent to an island to live out the remainder of the hosts bod...but no country wants to pay for it...droned hosts threaten violence if backed into a corner AND

    the dead consciousnesses on microchip put into a victims body..

    bodysnatching them that way,

    they don't want to be shut down,...

    and THEY ALSO want to be segregated on an island BUT they don't want to live on the same island as the lizard hosts...

    politics lol ..

    I say kill all the lizards and the human hosts they made and shut down all the evil reanimated dead freaksin clones and stolen bodies...

    problem solved.

    easy breezy..

    droned hosts are bad enough but dead reanimated people come back a shadow of their former selves... its a technology flaw they cant fix it, they're almost as bad as pet cemetery, it's why they need handlers.

    one track mind, insulted easily, dumber, jealous of how your alive and normal and this dead guy gotta walk around dumb and weird.....almost zombies... but they try to act normal and don't rot....richest dead people in the world did this,... and they aren't about to have anyone shut down the chip that makes them continue to exist.

    Do not believe that morph from human to lizard shit or the slitted eyes stuff,... they put that out there to throw people off the truth.

    Without a CT scan or MRI of the brain or a possible blood test method the ONLY way to tell externally is "sometimes" the eye that gets the proboscis in it swells out further than the other...

    and how stupid they are, but some regular humans are stupid too so you cant go with that.

    Trust in a stranger for once in your life, n just read the wall lol I don’t get paid for this, just trying to do the right thing...

    like the Avatar movie... during R.E.M driven mark 2 cloning... they give up the ability to have dreams or nightmares and go walk and talk in D.U.M.B's as clones... its how the Illuminati communicate in secret.

    Song I made for Brittany Spears called Break the ice... she made the video idea, its a Japanese animation of her getting into a cloning center and blowing it up... this is what the clone growing tubes actually look like..

    it's a fantasy of hers (Britney spears)... she hates the place,... but basically "sold her soul" for life in exchange for fame and fortune... now shes cloned into the place every REM stage to be used, and regrets it.

    oh btw all,... my ex family are almost all freemasons, a large faction of the illuminuts, and if you read my wall you will know the 33rd degree of freemason knowledge, which is also the highest scientologist knowledge. FREE

    3 different types of Vrill have basic pic representations of types 1 and 3

    type one... theyre small... they've been depicted in gremlins critters and many more

    type 3, young one, depicted in the movie Star wars "Attack of the clones" when they get old the neck shortens and they get all wrinkly and look like Pumpkinhead from the movie pumpkinhead.

    they are very real and live DEEP underground... they are "parasitic" lizards. and have a unique biological property of their bodies that allows them to stick a brain proboscis into another animals eye, preferably a humans and bodysnatch them making them a human host, they mimic human behavior and are already all over the place...

    thats the shapeshift... no morphing to it at all,.. its a biological transfer, the old lizard body dies and they just become you... there is no reversing the process... an old name for them was mimic, they have many names,

    they take over celebs all the time.

    the illuminati use them to replace people.

    it is widespread. Most of the most heinous crimes in the world are done by drones... thats what they call human hosts,... drones

    and the only way to detect them besides the change in behavior is by either CT scan or MRI to see the brain damage from the droning process.

    there’s no mystical magic or morphing... its all biological parasitic cellular transfer.

    all set up... same eyes as you or me... sometimes the eye will pop out more than the other but not always... the proboscis going in sometimes causes swelling behing the eye.

    sometimes the brain swells on the one side too causing this... same reason Nicholas Cage recently did a movie with a bullet wound to his eye for almost the entire length of the movie, because his eye is swelled out so bad from it.

    they do that on purpose with camera tricks,...

    they're very arrogant about it and think they will never be discovered.

    proboscis in the eye...

    there's a lot of drones in the world...

    come read my public wall you'll know... no need to even join the friends list, wall is public. Just read

    have to, they're all scared to, I always felt that they "wanted" me to tell about them, like a murderer kinda hints at they're crimes thing, but they're pretty pissed now because I didn't sugarcoat stuff lol

    its pretty kinda a matrix. lol bunch of celebs thought it was another dimension... 5th 7th astral plane..just cloning, or cloning on different drugs pre injected into your clone before activation there.

    When ppl have a popped out eye it could just be natural, some people are not symmetrical,... but with them it is either from the lizards proboscis or the microchip pushed into the brain behind the eye.

    they say they've had some plastic surgery or have used strange facial peel solutions in expensive salons. But it's because they're remade.

    different ways too,... they can literally get dna from someone from from the past and remake them, the consciousness has fled long ago but the newly made baby grows up looking the same and has a different upbringing and environment and is like an entirely separate person... these clones are permanent and no way to tell the difference from a normal person. Sometimes they're brains are chipped and taken over too or droned.

    that's replication cloning (from a baby) not duplication cloning (fully formed adult copy)

    duplicate clones have to be remade from time to time, they get rashy and growths and the brain degrades,... they just re-clone. Sometimes come back looking different.

    slightly complicating but you get the idea.

    know Pharoah Tutankamun looked like? King Tut? Vrill really liked him. Its Little Wayne

    didnt wanna get into that until Phase 4, but I thought I'd throw that out there, cuz I hate "Wayne" bad. Made almost all his songs.

    I know, it's pretty whacked... theres a buncha Pharoes around...

    Vrill liked pharoes a lot.

    Could be bs,... that's what they told me years and years ago though while making him tunes when they thought I was a friend to them.

    use people from the past like that because their faces inspired loyalty and awe in armies and populaces in the past. So they figure it'll work again for show business or something.

    Donald Marshall November 18, 2012 at 12:53pm

    (Vril type 1)

    Cloning center

    When they rape a child they feel as if they've achieved a victory somehow over someone,..(the child) and get. A sense of power from it, knowing that they won't be caught for it because it will be covered up... Some of them go on drugs and kill the child afterwards because its some caveman thing,... Get rid of the evidence, sense of power not getting caught for childrape murder... Also...

    When a Vrill lizard drones someone making the human it;s host, sometimes the penis ceases to develop from that point... And the drone is stuck with 12 year old junk for life... And say they need to as the parts fit... And drones are naturally predisposed to molesting children,... Its very wierd.

    Mostly it's just some of these losers are fat ugly and would have a difficult time getting a prostitute to agree being that old ugly and retarded... Also they don't want to. Pay for it,... They want to feel like they've done something wrong and got away with it... And kids cant fight back and are scared more easily. Also sometimes the molester was molested themselves as a child by their own parents... And they keep the "tradition" going to make themselves believe it's just a normal part of life... Their parents weren't perverts lol they were just normal, its a normal lifestyle lol. Some families add religion to the mix to make it look as if they HAVE to molest their children in a religious secret tradition... Germans call it Frauderlaine, or something similar... Keeps the cycle going...

    At the zone...Theyre blabbin at me like I'm the diddler police,... As clones out there... Why can't I have sex with my son or daughter Donny? My child is my personal property and no one can tell me what I can and can't do with my own child if I want to ((they say))). So I told them it's gross this n that and they act all insulted and attack,... Then new clone, back to the monotonous absurd talking... If I stay silent they just attack...saying "dont ignore us Donny, don't ignore us!". Fat old man bald ugly as hell flailing his arms on my face while my clone is paralyzed in the dirt of the arena...

    I said why are you asking me?... They just have nothing to do or say out there.... Its basically a child molester factory, they keep the premise of oh Donny is going to get us all to have something to talk about besides assembly line child molesting... BECAUSE as clones at first its interesting, turn your pain sensors off and get your arm chopped off and no pain, staring at the stump whoah thats gross, They jump off of heights clone dies and they transfer into the next clone and theyre like whoah thats neat... Swordfight and dont die, occasional clone sex with a celebrity that just doesnt care, it loses the novelty after a very short time... AND then theres the child molesting... And the senior citizens there that KNOW no one wants to have sex with them,... So they spend most of their time there trying to look powerful scary deadly and scare children into never saying no...

    People pretend they are hostages out there... Parents... So their kids wont think theyre just perverts... And the parents can secretly trade their kids around for other kids from other people there,... Grossest stuff you've ever seen or heard of ever... The league of incredible losers.

    Incredibly yuck. Worse than you can imagine... And they all sit around and watch these encounters from the stands,... Like theatre... Molestation theatre, pain theatre, death theatre... They all try to act unified. LOL. They don't even hang with each other in real life, too embarrassed of their behavior there and ashamed lol, but there while clones they all act like they're friends... And they're in power club together, theyre "powerful" hyuck.

    It is that degree of loserdom and worse...

    Every once in a while a kid will be defiant and say he or she doesn't want to engage in the repulsive stuff... Other kids agree, it's almost a mini mutiny at the cloning center... So while some ids are memory repressed about the clone center times, people like Elizabeth and Charles get the kid killed in some way... And then say at the cloning center, "look what happened to him". Then the kids don't say anything out of fear, sometimes they show the kids murder on video to scare the kids there into compliance.

    Sometimes someone will say they don't want to participate or doesn't want their daughter or son messed with and they want out,... Others agree,... They will start to degrade the ringleaders life in any way possible to discourage others from talking that way... Bring him back for private mental manipulation therapy as clones... Weasel into his and his wife's life in any way possible, get them fired, Impersonate them as clones to the rest of their family members and turn them against them in dramatic ways. Get them fired from their jobs, and privately will continue to bring the kid there and mess that kid up bad, causing the kid to act erratic in real body and not know why (memory suppressed about clone time) Give them childrens aid trouble if possible, anything and everything, and they videotape what they do,... And show others there, look this guy wanted out.... Then Elizabeth says in an official voice, we are worse than the Italian mafia and you don't leave the Italian mafia... Its the goofiest thing. But every once in a while they feel the need to make a new example of someone... When people talk about it they get killed or rendered mentally disabled remotely... I'm amazed I'm still alive actually.

    They make people see hologram like images as clones... Using mk ultra visual effects, same as inception movie basically... Most of the time the people think they're just dreaming or think they were original body when they saw it, didn't even know they were clones,... they play a lot of tricks on peoples minds... They tell some people that the cloning center is the astral plane, 5th dimension Nirvana plane Shang ri la, lotsa different stuff, a lot don't even know theyre IN a clone, they think theyre in another dimension and in real body... Or time stutter or singularity lol, they tell different people different stuff.

    Illuminati = league of extraordinary child molesters... So much happening at the cloning center now and things said it would be a long time relating it all... bunch of people want to leave, but don't want to lose their jobs or be mentally manipulated for the insult of leaving... only people that want to keep the place going are old ugly fat people, the mentally handicapped massively inbred people and the scuzziest perverts... most want out... old rich people threatening and scaring people there into compliance... it is quite the scene.

    ALIENS,... Deep underground but still aliens.

    They're at the cloning center aaand in real life, In deep bases and deeper underground too. They have colonies deep deep underground.

    Theyre all bad... Carnivores.

    It's in the middle of forested area (cloning center) I've been outside it a few times when there as a clone and there's no sign of civilization, must be wildlife preserve or something, 95% of the people cloned into there don't even know where it is, just the high ups know the locations... There are cloning centers in most deep bases though, and their locations are publicized, Dulce base, Area 51, Montauk base,... Lots. It's within 5 hours drive by car from the Pickton farm where all the prostitutes were murdered and fed to the pigs... The video of the murders were brought to the cloning center by car... Took 5 hours to drive them there...

    I dunno where the above ground one is, or I would have gone there by now... In western Canada... Most that go there though dont even know where it is,... They just have clones stored on site and have them activated sometimes... Location is way secret.

    Within 5 hours drive from the pickton farm in any direction from the farm it could be.

    Well they’re like me,... Real right now,... But when they enter REM stage of sleep they have clones of themselves activated at one of the cloning centers,... And sure they're dumber as clones while clones, they do whacky stuff, BUT then they wake up and recall the previous nights happenings and what they did, and they still go back and do it again... They thought they'd never get caught and were trapped so when in Rome, do as the Romans do. They all tried to show off for each other, oh look how evil I am, oh you think that's evil? Look at this...

    Clones are even more emotional than normal people... Different kinds of clones too... They definitely understand what is going on though. Most just go with the evil way... Being raised on wealth and privilege makes mean people I find.

    They can clone pets. But there’s 2 different ways to clone too,... There’s cloning from a baby up (replication cloning) and making fully formed adult bodies of you duplicates (duplication cloning). Its the duplication one that I'm having the problem with... Rem driven duplicates... It sux.

    Um,... there's aliens, help. :(

    just as the musicians hint at help, like K-os and his Crabbuckkt video... like Britney and her break the ice video... or like gaga putting satanic and Illuminatti symbolism in her videos, and when people actually do come out like Tila Tequila and say help me the queen eats children and people are being turned into drones help me they're hurting me in another dimension then has an aneurysm, people just said she was crazy,... people are stupid. I'm the last person with the courage to speak as I'm dying anyway from heart damage due to clone torture, if you do not heed my warnings before haarp installations are completed you will all be slaves.

    Now you know the Secret of Vrill, do not be deceived by what they are going to try... Saucers are man made and "greys" are not from space, they are from deep underground... they are troglodytes... parasitic lizards. They are malevolent.

    (Eye of Horus was an ancient warning of Vril)

    (Vril Type 3)


    they messed him up badly.they took his clone hands and feet off so he couldn't resist... Its been done to me before as well... Luka is sending hands and feet to Harper because of it...I may be charged for telling you this somehow you need to listen to a song called

    the people at the cloning center have used this method of restraining people from struggling before.... the song St Helena by The Misfits is about the hands n feet removal on a clone! someone post the official video plz you need to hear it now. not a similarity It was MADE for this moment in time by me...please hear it...

    If I cut off your arms and I cut off your legs would you still love me anyway. why dont you love me anyway ( why dont you let me have sex with your clone without dismembering you ) Dont wake up... rise up. I made that song years ago for these days... mk ultra,... taking out his pain on something else... also,... tbat very may well be propaganda... they did make a clone of him and have someone walk around on vid doing stuff... to turn the public on him... they did the same to me,.... they have an entire highlight reel of me doing all kinds and saying all kinds.... but people know whats goin on now... they tried to blackmail me with these highlights and said they would make me hated world over... I said show em whatever you want and smiled... then they cried and begged me to sugarcoat events,... I refused.

    Luka whatever the murdering body chopper guy is not a cannibal.... he was tortured at the cloning center as a clone by Steven Harper and other government officials... he fought there as I fought there... they raped him as a clone... he fought... they chopped his hands and feet off.. I saw this from the stands... he is sending Harper a warning... he hates them almost as much as I do... they made video of him as a clone acting retarded and he is messed up, you would be too,... but hes after blind vengeance thinking he will never raise the world to help him escape... I will take the time to tell the world... and let the populace get my revenge for me.

    If fake alien attack occurs they may say the aliens drone humans, then in the panic start killing drones and have the fake drone war all but won, THEN say that everyone must be chipped to identify who's droned and who's not... refusing to allow trade and barter to those without chips.... they want everyone in the world chipped.

    DO NOT SEEK SHELTER UNDERGROUND... I don't know what will happen, they got like 4 different options they've been considering... all to get people to seek shelter in deep underground military bases... DO NOT go down there... not for Nibiru, not for the debris field not for Stevens falling glass or ice bs... it will be a manufactured crisis, to get you down there and droned or even worse... D.U.M.B.S are huge and can house many people...U HAVE BEEN WARNED.

    (google logo image)

    Chris Benoit

    The fear of eternal torture as a clone and their families killed inspires loyalty through fear, They've made examples of others every once in a while,, Chris Benoit the wrestler for wwe was one such example, they messed him up badly, I'll be writing more in depth about what happened with him too, it was terrible...he was a really good person, wouldn't be evil didn't like them called them names while there said he didn't want to attend, they made an example of him, He'd also stolen the wife of a rich Satanic cloner with a lot of pull with the Illuminati, he got it bad...dead now, killed his wife kid and himself, week before his best friend some woman died of aneurysm, Done by the Illuminuts just to bother him, the woman didnt do anything, she was just a really good friend of his and they had her cloned and did the aneurysm thing to her,,... was terrible, they put nightmarish stuff on em. he was in the mental ward or his therapists saying he's not crazy that queen elizabeth tortures his soul in another dimension and there are demons there (Vrill) he got very religious not knowing he was a clone thinking elizabeth had caged his soul. Almost sounds like what Tila Tequila I'll write his story sometime soon, He was one of Elizabeths favorite slaves there but he would disobey and insult and she made an example out of him , bad,... like Bernie Mac but more prolonged and involving his immediate family and friends. So I'm going to clear Chris Benoit's name cuz a bunch of people said he was crazy had too many hits to the head and steroids and pain killers, but it was cloning and Mk Ultra that messed him up. said before she had her aneurysm at the young age. they did that and worse so many times everyone is scared to go against them. But with me you see, I don't hang with my family cuz they're in it, and I'm already dyin of heart probs (They said theyve cut my lifespan in half with clone torture) and my friends (who know I'm truthful to a fault) are scared to hang with me now thinking they stand a chance to be cloned and messed up just for knowing me or knowing about cloning. , I'd rather be dead than be down with them and what they do.they dropped the wheel on him as they say.... an occult term for utterly destroying someones life until they die. HIS DEATH SONG I hated making that song... but tried to add hints in it for these days when I could clear his good name and avenge his death, they drove him insane... he was strong willed.... now theyre going to do it to me...they changed one line in it.... it says clapped up and stabbed too,... sad news.. originally it was crabnasty stabbed too, sad news... crabnasties is what I called the Vrill type 1's when I was a kid... I still call the disgusting things crabnasties. that is a very evil song. being released unhurt was a reward for successfully making a song or a few..they used to have vrill type 1's swarm Chris Benoit and dart him with the mouth spikes... and put the neurotoxic spit in him,... its agonizing,... they do it to me...

    PRINCESS DIANA SPENCER,... was murdered in a near foolproof plot, Diana attended the cloning center regularly, she thought they were zapping her into the 5th dimension, Diana was NOT very smart at all, one of the dumbest clones that I've met there, like drones there, Anyway, she used to sit there and watch me make songs, she was a camera ham, she used to come out of the crowd and say "sing a sung fowa mah Dun" looking straight faced, I said no I don't want to help you guys, she then proceeded to stab and cut me with a knife while I was chained vertical on an 8x8 wooden cross, she had NO way to entertain the crowd of celebs there, like Elizabeth, so it became her thing to interact with me... she clone tortured me multiple times, thinking she was the celeb of celebs, they were ALL watching her, she LOVED the attention,... anyway she'd stab me up, I'd make a song of ANY genre just to get the rotten thing away from me for one more night, sometimes Queen Elizabeth would join in. THEN... she started to dislike how they'd drug her clones and make her loopy and Prince Charlses "friends" would assembly line sex her up. She left Charles as Charles was angry at how she was so promiscuous, (even though Charles was the same way and worse but he was "allowed") SO she left, was about to Marry an Arab named Dodi Fayad. The British Royal family hate arabs Muslims and blacks as a whole and they didn't want the marriage to take place. SO they had her driver,(a host or chiphead himself) go along with a plan, He took a different route through the tunnel where they crashed, she always took a specific way, that she felt safer driving in. Before the tunnel or after it is a bunch of lights on a hill, shaped like a triangle with one blue light in the middle, Illuminati symbol,... they went into the tunnel, an agent drove up alongside and shone the brightest light man can make into the side windows of the car, in case she survived and was talking this would be an excuse for the driver if he survived, as to why he swerved, he claims to have no memory of the crash, but he does... she lived though and got into an ambulance, but that was signing her death certificate as the hospital was only waiting to finish her off, Unknown what the actual cause of death was but they "said" it was an injection of a high concentration of salt, it's near undetectable and has been done many times. The Illuminati had me make a song about it like nearly 10 years ago, and they released this song 10 years after her death,.. it is her death song, it's not all about Diana only, it is about me her and Elizabeth. I'll explain the song in the following comments. She was not the humanitarian you think she was,... she was only into childrens charities to get on Camera, she loved being in the enquirer it was her stage,... she was not a nice person I assure you.

    This song is her death song I was forced to make. Diana's last last words were it was my ex husband Charles. BUT leading up to the crash...... she noticed the driver had gone a different route home, she looked up and yelled "you took the tunnel road home!, you've NEVER taken that way with me before!!! (then calmly) did you feel the need for change?" He said "yes,well I thought some different scenery." She Interrupted and said I don't pay you to think I pay you to drive!, If you ever do something like this again you will be replaced." He said "Alright" then crashed.

    now why the video is cryptic in spots and doesn't seem to make sense... Each time Diana would hurt me as clones badly I would be a delirious mess, and she would do the same thing each time... cry as if she was sad about how much pain I was in,... she said she loved me and she was sorry... it was a practiced scripted thing it seemed, same thing each time,... I told her she was ugly and I didn't know why people held her on such a high pedestal, with her bulgie eyes and her nose was bigger than Prince Charlses lol,... she grabbed my face and dug her fingernails into my cheek and started to tear my face apart pulling it off, her fingertips literally through my cheek and her enraged, embarrassed I had the "gall" to speak about her in such a way especially with everyone watching at the zone.the actual video is a reference to when Drew Barrymore and I were helping with the movie E.T... role playing there to come up with script lines... they do that a lot... it doesn't say like intermittent radio waves,... I said like internet OR radio waves... even then I was biding my time until I could inform on the internet and any radio outlet I could find.... I could not wait!!!!

    sing a song for me Don.anyway... second verse... Queen Elizabeth brought me to a different cloning center once.... I was naked there, everyone else had clothing, that is a Nazi psychological ploy to make people look at you as less than human and not care about what happens to the person as their indecent or something, people just want the naked person gone... its weird... ANYWAY in this place, an arena too, but a WHOLE bunch of people from a specific religion (that I won't mention the name of) they believe in torturing animals and people for the glory of their fake God, the more the animal or human screams the more their God likes it... anyway this night they were torturing horses,... and the things were screamin... everyone sitting around was getting aroused by this, Elizabeth thought I'd like it or something, treated me like her little pet doggie naked guy sitting right next to her in the stands, watching these horses get cut up slowly...I was only there once... I called them a bunch of retarded losers and they brought me back to the regular clone center and tortured me bad... I was memory suppressed at the time, and all I knew in my real body was that I wasn't having any dreams and was waking up sick for some reason a lot,.. I'm very healthy and went to the hospital a few times, nothing, I started thinkin I had a terminal disease or something, but it was side effects of clone torture. Diana Spencer was a rotten whore and I wish she was still alive so that I could stomp on her wonky face. Sorry to ruin your illusions, but she was not what you think.that's that. she used to torture people at the cloning center for a sick fascination and to show off for the celebrity clones there,... "oh you think your evil? hmmm? oh I can be a dreadful evil as well if I want to be she'd say" I wouldn't say this if it wasn't true. she was an opportunist... and she was partially retarded. A camera ham, she cared only for herself. She was an actor. Once she left Charles she had NO GIMMICK for the cameras... she would sit in a café, people would photograph her, BUT SHE HAD NOTHIN... it got old,... she needed a gimmick, a reason as to why these cameras were flashing, because the novelty was wearing off, SO she got into childrens charities, ONLY to use this venue as her new gimmick and claim to fame... Diana was a willing attendant of the cloning center for at least 10 years... and did what the rest of them did. She liked being surrounded by the celebrities. lyrics to her death song...


    "Bigger Than Us"

    You took the tunnel route home.

    You'd never taken that way with me before.

    Did you feel a need for change?

    Apologies on your fingernails,

    Love flickered in the city of lights

    Like intermittent radio waves.

    I don't need your tears

    I don't want your love

    I've just got to get home.

    And I feel like I'm breaking up

    But I wanted to stay.

    Headlights on the hillside

    Don't take me this way.

    I don't want you to hold me

    I want you to pray,

    'cause it's bigger than us.

    You went where the horses cry

    You'd never taken that way with me before.

    Did you feel a need for a change?

    Guilt smeared across your lips

    I was tired and cold from the window.

    You're tired nothing has changed.

    I don't need your tears

    I don't want your love

    I've just got to get home.

    And I feel like I'm breaking up

    But I wanted to stay.

    Headlights on the hillside

    Don't take me this way.

    I don't want you to hold me

    I want you to pray,

    'cause it's bigger than us.

    ******FORGOT to mention, Elizabeth used to add lines to my songs, and in this song about Vrill lizards she added her 2 cents at the 2:45 point... it is the command to destroy a D.U.M.B (deep underground military base) in case of trouble inside... its her voice as a clone... listen...

    the bases support system is destroyed with demolition charges and the base "drops" in on itself. The whole song is about Vrill and how they hate humans and how they want to corral humans into the D.U.M.B's

    Boondox - Abadon

    A track released on Halloween 2011 by Boondox of Psychopathic Records, off his upcoming album.

    The Statue of Bern......

    *Notice the eye* The Statue of Bern is a depiction of a Vrill parasite host. It is in Switzerland, it is the beacon of liberty for Hosts and cannibals and evil slime all over the world, they think that as long as this statue stands that they are safe. They will say it is supposed to be Chronus, or an old evil King but it is just a symbol to evil that they have a good hold on the world. This statue must be destroyed as soon as possible.

    "I know there is only so much you can do with the truth I've revealed to you all. But you all ALL need to redouble your efforts...understand I am not asking you to just save me. I m not going to live a long time ok? I am not concerned for me. I want to ensure it doesn't happen to others. Also I won't tell a half truth. I do want vengeance ok? Once you see the video footage you will understand. You will wonder how I'm still same and how I've kept from committing suicide and as always. I have to tell you the absolute truth as it is the one thing that will save the world. Truth."

    (The Statue of Bern)

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