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    14 Moments Only Frankensteins Will Know

    Raaaarrrr! Raaaaaaghrrrr! Rrraaaaarrrrgh!

    1. When people see your 'hello' face

    2. When you can't find Jordans in size 23.

    3. When The Monster Mash comes on and you're like:

    4. When someone asks; 'Are you a zombie?'

    5. When you try to make a child laugh.

    6. When you had your emo phase.

    7. When other people don't get your enthusiasm for strangling.

    8. When it's halloween and you don't even need to dress up.

    9. When you go to a salad place with way too many options.

    10. When you just feel like breaking character.

    11. When you imagine dating someone like:

    ...but in reality:

    12. When you try to grab music notes from the air.

    13. When people say 'But that's a scientist's name, not yours'

    14. When you see one of these and you're like NOPE NOPE NOPE.