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    • philf2

      My mother arrived in Canada with her parents and five siblings from Calabria in Italy when she was only one (around 1959). They moved here for more opportunity, plain and simple - they weren’t escaping anything, they weren’t forced from their homes, they weren’t persecuted. Sometimes it’s easy to think that these more mundane immigration stories somehow separate my family from those who come over in times of turmoil, that somehow I’m MORE of a Canadian because we come from a country that may “blend in” better with the majority. However, I try to use this as a way of reminding myself that we are have just as much/as little claim to this country as any other immigrant, no matter where they come from or the reasons they come here. By keeping that front and centre in our minds, it forces us to take on a little bit of humility and compassion, and to understand that we have far more in common with other immigrants than we can ever imagine.

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