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    17 Ways To Throw The Ultimate 2017 Football Tailgate Party!

    With the weather getting cooler and the smell of buffalo chicken dip in the air, it's finally arrived -- the 2017 football season. Aka tailgating season. There’s no better time to hit up the parking lot and party before the next big game! Round up your squad, grab your portable grills, and stock up on dogs and burgers. Check out our 17 best football party ideas to make your tailgate score big in 2017!

    1. First things first, suit up for the big game by repping your team.

    Don't forget your lucky socks!

    2. You can also never go wrong with rocking an over-sized jersey.

    Cute and comfy = winning.

    3. Make your ride equally as stylish by decorating your car with your team's colors and mascot.

    Stuart Palley / Via

    Show your allegiance even in the parking lot.

    4. Once you've arrived, fire up your portable grill to serve up some hamburgers and hotdogs.

    super travelers USA / Via

    A tailgate staple.

    5. Put an football spin on cheese and crackers with a football shaped cheese ball.

    peas & crayons / Via

    Check out this recipe for a football jalapeño popper cheese ball here. Now that's hot.

    6. Or, satisfy everyone's sweet tooths with classic desserts like cookies and cupcakes.

    Top off your treats with these cute football cupcake picks.

    7. And don't forget other tailgate staples, like soft pretzels, chips, and buffalo chicken dip!

    Check out this crock pot-approved buffalo chicken dip recipe. You'll thank us later.

    8. Finally, set up your spread of tailgate snacks to fuel up for the big game.

    Get these football party supplies and decorations here.

    9. Give your party cups some football flair by decorating them with markers.

    Fab Everyday / Via

    Pick up some brown party cups here.

    10. Or keep track of whose cup is whose with colorful football drink markers.

    Get these football drink clings here and you'll never fumble over losing your drink.

    11. Speaking of drinks, be sure to stock up on plenty of beer, liquor, and mixers for the occasion.

    Honestly?? Tailgating #goals.

    12. Don't forget the ice! Freeze water balloons in your team's colors and use them to keep your drink coolers cold.

    Make Life Lovely / Via

    Check out the how-to here.

    13. Or, whip up some Jell-O shots in your team's colors!

    Delish / Via

    Find this Jell-O shot recipe and other NFL teams' too here.

    14. Once everyone's had a few drinks, it's time for games! Challenge your neighbors to a game of cornhole.

    And beat them at it, obvi.

    15. Or see who's truly the better team with a round of flip cup.

    Sam Greenwood / Getty Images / Via

    Losers buy the first round of beers inside the stadium.

    16. And of course, don't forget the classics with a round of beer pong.

    The Home Depot / Via

    Bonus points if you set up a DIY football stadium too.

    17. Finally, once it's time for kick-off, head into the stadium and cheer on your team!

    Odyssey / Via

    Or hey, just keep the tailgate party going. We don't judge.

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