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    13 Minions Party Ideas For The Ultimate Despicable Me 3 Birthday Party

    Whether your little Minion is turning terrible two or despicable three, they'll love getting into some mischief at a Despicable Me birthday party. Check out our 13 super cute (and easy to plan!) Despicable Me 3 party ideas to make your birthday plot one in a minion!

    1. Welcome guests to your secret lair with a cute Minions door poster...

    CatchMyParty / Via

    Despicable Me door poster available at Michaels.

    2. ...and then lay down some ground rules with the help of Gru himself.

    Somewhere in the Middle / Via

    3. Add the Minions' signature style to ordinary yellow balloons...

    CatchMyParty / Via

    4. ...or cover an entire window or wall with blue and yellow decorations.

    Fab Everyday / Via

    5. Customize your party spread with Minions-inspired labels…

    Jelly Bean Journals / Via

    6. ...and use a plastic table cover to protect your table from sticky spills and slimy banana peels.

    CatchMyParty / Via

    Despicable Me tableware available at Michaels.

    7. …and speaking of bananas, who said healthy has to be boring?

    Shelterness / Via

    8. After everyone has eaten, put super villains to the test with a fun Minions piñata...

    CatchMyParty / Via

    Minions pinata available on Amazon.

    9. ...or bust a move like Balthazar Bratt with a fun game of freeze dance.

    irishandmore / Via

    10. Show off your super villain skills with a game of Minions ring toss...

    11. ...and then get crafty and have kids make their own Minions to take home.

    12. Finally, end the day with goodie bags when the birthday heist is over...

    CatchMyParty / Via

    Despicable Me favor bags available at Walmart.

    13. …and don’t forget to pack them full with plenty of nefarious favors!

    CatchMyParty / Via

    Despicable Me favors available at Walmart.