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11 Cream Cheese Spread Snacks That Are Ideal For Spring

Elevate your snacking, and let these spring flavors thrive with Philadelphia® Cream Cheese Spreads.

1. Spring Radish Snack

2. Carrot Garden

3. Cucumber Flatbread

4. Spicy Deviled Egg Bites

5. Supergreen Delights

6. Lemon-Blueberry Munchies

7. Toasted Coconut-Macadamia

8. Endive Boats

9. Strawberry-Beet Crisps

10. Tomato Refresher

11. Spicy Snap Peas

These snacks won't be complete without all the delish spring flavors of Philadelphia® Cream Cheese Spread, the ultimate snack addition.

Photographs by Lennon & Stone / © BuzzFeed.