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    10 Signs You Grew Up On The Upper West Side In The 1980's

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    10 - You would cry when your mom dragged you to Fairway because it was always that crowded.

    9 - Central Park was your country house because (unlike the kids on the Upper East Side) you didn't have one.

    8 - Getting into middle school was way more stressful than getting into college. The Computer School and Delta were at the top of your list.

    7- You secretly (or overtly) hoped you'd get into LaGuardia so you didn't have to commute to other boroughs.

    6 - You know what Cuban-Chinese food is and you've been to that restaurant.

    5. You were crushed when Eeyore's bookstore closed, but soon gave in to the corporate giant of Barnes and Noble and spent all your time there.

    4 - If you went to P.S.87, P.S. 84, or P.S.163 or any decent public school, you made fun of the private school kids from Trinity and Dalton endlessly.

    3 - You know where the WestWay Deli is and remember being ushered out by the angry owners.

    2 - You remember when Brandeis High School was scary.

    1- You can name at least 3 pizza places that you frequented for lunch ranging from 72nd Street to 101 street.