• gloe

      The “Western” skincare approach tends to aim for quick, fast results that are often achieved with harsher products. Acne products, laser peels, chemical peels, acids (AHA’s, BHA’s) are all applied to skin that’s been stripped of everything. “Asian” skincare products are MUCH gentler and focuses on maintaining hydration and getting your products to really absorb into the skin. Most basic skincare sets have at least 4-5 products that are designed to be used together bc each step adds a different level of moisture. Imagine trying to clean up a puddle of water with a bone-dry sponge. It takes forever. Now imagine a damp sponge doing the same task. It can take up water more quickly. The purpose of layering several products is to treat your skin like a damp sponge. Products will absorb better and be more effective. Tons of “Western” skincare products, especially creams, promise “to turn back the clock” and are packed with “anti-oxidants”, but what’s the point of applying it when it can’t absorb properly? It essentially sits on the surface and probably gets wiped away when you apply foundation or gets rubbed off onto clothes. That to me, is wasted money, rather than spending another $15-20 for a moisturizing toner to apply before the cream. A lot of the problems “Western” skin care lines try to address can be changed or improved with maintaining proper hydration. Wrinkles and rough skin texture don’t need chemical peels to irritate the skin even more. Acne is caused by various things, like bacteria spreading, hormones, diet, stress, but stripping away all the oil from your skin with harsh products makes your skin more sensitive, irritated and red, exacerbating the acne. And oily skin types needs moisturizers too, but ones with gel-type formulas.  There are also tons of products that address hyper-pigmentation, dark spots and to whiten/brighten. Asians rationalize that if you have GREAT skin, then there is less of a need for foundation/makeup. So the time and money spent on applying makeup and covering up and is spent on improving your skin tone, texture and clarity instead.

    • gloe

      It’s very unfortunate what happened to her, but I would think that her blog following, income, popularity and talent lie in her writing and reviews, not solely on her appearance. Frankly, despite her claims about her “FACE” and no longer being called a “pretty girl”, she wasn’t that pretty to begin with. Her “career” is not ruined; she can take this experience and write about products that help with hyperpigmentation or different foundations, laser treatments etc. Her scars don’t appear to be very deep and will heal with time.

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