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100 "Firsts" We Spend Our Whole Lives Trying To Achieve

"Never have I ever." Redefine what you think it means to Get Old, and celebrate the countless milestones that keep us motivated every day of our lives.

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The first time you...

Swim without floaties

Drive without a permit

Book a flight using earned miles

Beat your dad at poker

Legitimately beat your dad at poker


Appear on the evening news

Demand a raise

Take a pay cut

Skype your best friend from high school

Cook dinner for your family

Cook dinner for your new family

Touch foot on foreign soil

Your first...


More than a kiss

WOW. OK, that was a whole lot more than a kiss

"Greetings" kiss from a real European

Motorcycle ride


Concert without your mom


Broadway show


Second wedding

Flight on first class


The first time you're called...

"Sir" or "ma'am"

"Grandpa" or "Grandma"

"Mr. and Mrs." / "Mr. and Mr." / "Mrs. and Mrs." / "Us"



"Stupid American"




"Mommy" or "Daddy"

"Pretty good for an old guy"

The first time you're the first person to...

See the sun rise

Propose "getting drinks"

See a blockbuster at midnight

Call in an emergency

Ask for career advice


♥ one of Beyoncé's Instagrams

Walk away from an argument

Stand in line for a concert

The first time you're given...

A diploma

Your granddaughter's diploma

A jury summons

A passport

Keys to your own car

Keys to your own apartment

Keys to someone else's apartment

A paycheck

A puppy who you're adopting

A response from a celebrity you tweeted

A friendship bracelet


3D Glasses

Your name in print

An insult from a toddler

An A+ in art class

The first time you're not...


Just a kid

Paying back a student loan

The shortest member of the family

Wearing braces

Celebrating with an aluminum Christmas tree

Celebrating the holiday you're used to

The family member buying dinner

The first time you hire a(n)...

Moving company

Wedding planner

Interior designer

Personal trainer

Landscape specialist

"Landscape specialist" who's actually just your broke son

Travel guide

Financial adviser



Mountain guide

The first time your body...

Sprouts underarm hair

Runs a mile

Runs a few more than a mile

Breaks through a door


Fuses back together

Sprouts salt-and-pepper hair

Jumps out of a plane

Appreciates quinoa

Fits into those skinny pants

Meets snow

Your first night...

Staying over at a friend's house

In a dorm room

On a water bed

Without sleep

Driving across the country

In another hemisphere

Underneath stars you've never seen before

The first time you catch yourself saying...

"When I was your age..."