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10 Science Stories That Will Make This Year Feel Brighter

These are some examples of how science is saving the day in the modern world and they are sure to give you hope for a vibrant future! Check out more inspiring science content here!

1. Mozart Might Help Epilepsy

Sheet of music notes.

2. Babies Are Willing To Give Up Food To Help Others, Study Says

Young boy handing strawberry to an adult hand.

3. You Can Likely Thank Carbs For Your Beautiful Brain

Model of a brain on a plain background.

4. mRNA Helped Protect Many People In 2021

Young girl receiving a shot in the arm.

5. Mosquito-Resistant Clothing May Reduce Spread Of Deadly Viruses

Mosquito on a piece of clothing.

6. Baby Birds Learn Sound From Inside The Egg

Chick hatching from an egg.

7. Being Creative Makes You Feel Really Good

Smiling woman sitting at a pottery wheel sculpting a bowl.

8. Kids Discovered A New Penguin Species In New Zealand

Illustration of giant penguins.

9. Protecting The Ozone Layer Has Health Benefits

View of Earth from space.

10. Penicillin Continues To Save Lives

Prescription bottle.

All images courtesy of Getty.

Thank you to all the scientists who have made this year brighter with their work. That goes double for the scientists who work on vaccines. For more science stories that will make you smile, visit Science Will Win™.