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23 Things All Twentysomethings Who Grew Up Broke Will Understand

However, being strapped for cash transcends generational gaps.

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1. You've received hand-me-downs from your siblings, cousins, parents, and even grandparents.


Before vintage-wear was a thing, faded shirts and ripped jeans weren't as chic as they are now. The hand-me-down struggle was entirely too real.

2. You were always two or three game systems behind the newly released one.


Try telling a 10-year-old Super Nintendo is still fun while every other kid is talking about how awesome Soul Calibur or Crazy Taxi is on their new Sega Dreamcast.

3. If you didn't get free lunch as a kid, you brought the most boring lunch to school.

Long Beach Island School District / Via

No Lunchables, no Capri-Suns, and no chips from the snack size variety pack. Just a crummy (pun intended) PB&J sandwich, an apple and some off-brand juice box.

4. Your friends didn't include you in their after-school plans because they knew you couldn't do the things that involved spending money.

The CW

I've lost count of how many times my mom has asked me if I had "McDonald's money."

5. You had to get really creative for Show and Tell on the grounds that you didn't have any toys with that special wow factor.

Don't Hug Me I'm Scared / Via

Question: How does one compete with the kids that brought in their Moonboots, Tamagotchi's, and Furbys?

Answer: You can't.

6. You almost never got to talk about the new movie that came out in theaters because your parents didn't want to pay to see a movie they couldn't keep.


Back when you couldn't stream everything online, those previews might as well have said "Coming To VHS Summer 199Never."

7. You know broadcast television all too well, so much so that you memorized your favorite stations program schedule.


You're basically a walking TV Guide. Oh, but the times you were able to watch cable at a friend or relatives house were glorious.

8. You know all the antenna positions to get the best reception on an unclear channel (tinfoil, wire hangers, etc...)


Still, seeing and hearing the empty channel distortion can trigger slight post traumatic stress.

9. Naturally, waking up at sunrise helped you discover the value of "me time" during your Saturday morning cartoon installments.

Turner Broadcasting

Kids that had Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and The Disney Channel at their disposal don't need to wake up at 6 a.m. to get their weekly cartoon dosage. PBS Kids held you down during the week.

10. You grew up with the burden of having to play board games, until you realized it's actually fun.

Comedy Central

Although the pain of knowing awesome games like Super Smash Bros. existed while you were playing Mancala would set in from time to time.

11. You still can't grasp the idea that your friends received an allowance for doing their chores.


"So wait, you mean to tell me that they actually pay you to clean your room?"

12. Your toy collection was... limited. To say the least.


Where's a Drake "No New Friends" to a Weird Al Yankovic "No New Toys" parody when you need one?

13. The trip to McDonald's was euphoric, along with getting that kids meal, which was ecstasy.


Even though the kids meal toys lasted for a week, getting it with your meal was a double treat.

14. Playing by yourself was essentially an imagination strength exercise.

Cartoon Network

Your remote control was your surfboard, while your middle and index finger was your all purpose action figure. If you got bored with that, there was always your imaginary friend who had nothing but time to play.

15. You knew that your schools extracurricular activities were not to be considered.


You could've been the next Michael Jordan or Mia Hamm, but equipment and uniforms cost money, dude.

16. You had to think about how, when, where, and why you were going to ask your mom or dad if you could go on the class field trip.


Although you wish you could burst through their bedroom doors and give the ultimatum of signing the permission slip, or feeling your "wrath," you ended up begging and pleading your way into getting that signature anyway.

17. Even though it was extremely tempting, you knew having a sleepover was out of the question.

Columbia Pictures

Maybe at a friends house, but definitely not at yours. 'Cause moms is definitely not feeding all those damn kids.

18. You know the embarrassment of your parents taking a significant amount of items at various business establishments too well.


Ketchup packets and plastic eating utensils from fast food restaurants, to the towels and little shampoo bottles from hotels.. Oh the shame (and resourcefulness).

19. You never experienced the joy of partaking in the newest trend.

You know how everyone had a collection of Beanie Babies, Pokémon cards and Koosh Balls? Yeah me neither (Don't get me started on L.A. Lites or Discmans)

20. You learned a lot of advanced chores than most kids your age.

Warner Bros.

Who else was vacuuming at 7 and cooking full course meals at 9?

21. You often romanticized the idea of having your own room.


Personal space is a foreign concept 'round these parts. Living in such small quarters often lead to arguments but living vicariously through Arnold's room got you through the rough times.

22. Ultimately, you ended up being intensely close with one another.


Growing up without a great deal of material things while having to share clothes, tv time, and personal space can in turn unite a family!

23. Because of it all you've grown up to be an awesome well-rounded person!


Sometimes being broke as a kid can be tough, but with everything considered the good times outweighed the bad. It's shaped who you are today for the best. You've grown to be resourceful and stronger because of it and you know the value of hard work. You may not have had the nicest, newest, or best things growing up but you appreciate the small things in life. You also developed a deeper understanding and appreciation of the not so small things. You've inadvertently became awesome because of it. Congratulations!

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