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10 Things High School Baseball Players Should Know Before They Graduate

As athletes our sport eventually comes to an end and we have regrets. These are some tips to make sure when you have the chance to do something great, you won't have anything to hold you back.

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10. Always Give 100%

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We all know we want to give 100% all the time, but there is always the day that you are sluggish and don't feel like doing anything. Well, that lack of % you don't give will reflect in the playoffs. While everyone is beaten up from the hard season you are prepared because you didn't slack off you gave everything your all. You prepared physically and mentally for the moment that you will need to be your best.

9. Take Practice Serious

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PRACTICE. This word seems like nothing to many people. Once we get to the more advanced level….high school, college etc. We tend to just go through the routines of practice and lack the drive to get better. Take my word for it. Practice is key to winning a championships.

8. Hit The Weights!

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The weight room can either be very beneficial or it can be a spot that we goof off in. The drive to work out and wanting to be in the best shape you can ever be in could make a big difference in one game….you never know.

I hit this ball in my final playoff game and if I hit it 2 more feet my team would have WON the game. This would have advanced us to the state finals!

7. Quitting is NOT an Option

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You are down to the last out, last minute, last quarter, and you can see the end and just let it come. Why quit? you never know what can happen in a matter of seconds. Things can get very bad for your opponent. Its never to late for a major comeback.

6. You Will Make MIstakes

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Nobody in this world we live in today is perfect. Professional players still make mistakes and the are the best of the best. Mistakes are destined to happen. How one reacts to his mistake will define what kind of player they are. Do not let them bother you. The way you build off of your mistakes will effect you and everyone around you.

5. Bond With Your Teammates!

Your teammates are your family. Most sports are about 50% of your time while in school and your team is who you are with half of your time. These guys/girls will be basically your family by the time your sport is over. The bonds made with some of your teammates will be bonds that will keep you both connected throughout your life.

4. Thank Your Coaches

Your coaches are almost your parents while you are on the field. If there is a problem you go to them. If you need extra help you go to them. Not to mention the time they take away from their own kids to help your team reach a goal for a championship. Tell them than you because everyday after school till dark away from there time and family is hard. Their commitment to you is just like those of your teammates.

3. Thank Your Parents

Your parents are your biggest fans whether you are the star of the team or even if your just an average player. Your parents will always be there to support you and your team no matter what the outcome is. The amount of money the spent on you bringing you to games, buying food, and just anything you need for you to be happy they tried their best to get it for you. Just a sweet thank you will make them feel so happy about everything they have done for you.

2. Keep Up Your Grades

Almost everyone has the goal of going to the college level. Less than 30% of athletes will play at the college level. But many of these athletes do not care about their grades which makes them ineligible to play at the college level. So do not slack off in school especially if you have the NCAA in mind.


Before you blink your 4 years of high school is over. The sport you have played is just done. What will you do now? All of the years and time spent playing this game that was so competitive is just over. Before you have this feeling just remember to be happy. If you mess up so what. Enjoy it because before you know it something you have had apart of your life since maybe you were five years old is all over. SO ENJOY IT.

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