I Ranked All Of Rory Gilmore's Boyfriends From Bad To Good And, If You Don't Agree With Me, You Can Argue With The Wall

    Rory had some amazing relationships and some REALLY messy ones.

    8. Dean Forester

    Dean leans over the bus seat in front of him to talk to Rory

    7. Graham Sullivan

    A close up of Graham as he leans forward in his seat towards Rory

    6. Paul

    Rory holds a bouquet of flowers while standing next to Paul as they're in front of her front door

    5. Robert

    Robert wears a plain t-shirt with a blood stain on it and Rory wears a private school uniform and a long wig

    4. Trevor

    Rory and Trevor sit next to each other on bar stools in the midst of a crowded bar

    3. Tristan Dugray

    Rory walks next to Tristan as they head inside of their private school

    2. Jess Mariano

    A close up of Jess and Rory as they stand close together with their foreheads pressed together

    1. Logan Huntzberger

    Rory and Logan stand holding hands while holding dark umbrellas