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    Best Delena Kisses From "The Vampire Diaries"

    I have made a list of my favorite Delena kisses from TVD. I have expressed since I first watched the show that Elena belongs with Damon over Stefan. So, here's a list of my favorite kisses between the two.

    This list will include my favorite kisses from Delena. It is most likely that it will NOT include pecks, natural hello/goodbye kisses, hallucinations, random sex scenes, or anything I don't find memorable enough. Without further ado, ENJOY!

    I have loved Delena since the very beginning. From their little moments, to their small banter, to their kisses. I've always preferred Elena and Damon over Stefan. So, I thought to include my favorite kisses between the two.

    Is their a kiss between Damon and Elena that I missed? Comment below!

    What post should I do next? Favorite Delena moments, Klaroline moments, etc. Comment below!