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46 Thoughts You Have When You Drive Your First Car

*Wipes away tears of happiness.*

1. I can't believe today's the day.

2. How long have you been dreaming about this?

3. A very long time. That's how long.

4. You deserve this. You've earned this.

5. Today is the day you drive your first car.

6. What a momentous occasion.

7. *Wipes away tears of happiness.*

8. It's been a long road to this moment.

9. And pretty much all of your savings.

10. And some of Dad's too.

11. But we are here. Finally.

12. Just look at her. What a beauty.

13. Yes, she may have a massive dent in the bonnet...

14. And yes, she may have more scratches than my arms after trying to cuddle the cat…

15. (Why won't you love me Rosie?)


17. And true beauty is found within.

18. Plus the guy said her engine has only broken down, what, twice?

19. Twice is nothing.

20. I've broken my phone more than that this month.

21. Thinking about it, the guy did look a bit sketchy…

22. Should I have trusted the photocopy of the MOT certificate?

23. Maybe I should've gone through an actual garage?

24. Or test-driven the car?

25. I'm sure it's fine.

26. Let's drive!

27. Okie dokie, we are going to take this nice and easy.

28. Don't want some road-rager scratching my baby up on her maiden voyage.

29. Especially because I think – and this is just speculation – my bumper's loose.

30. I'm legit riding a high right now.

31. Wait, wait…

32. More like – DRIVING A HIGH.

33. I love my car.

34. I love driving my car.

35. I love driving my car on this beautiful, be it rainy, day.

36. Today I love the rain, because I get to use her lovely windscreen wipers.

37. Though getting to the bite is a bit difficult. A lot harder than my instructor's car.

38. I hope I don't…

39. Yep, I've gone ahead and stalled at a green light.

40. Well this is embarrassing.

41. And it's turned red again and I haven't moved. Awks.

42. I should probably just drive to the ends of the Earth, right?

43. Shake it off, this is a big day for you, and one little stall isn't going to…


45. It's OK. This is the first time for both of you after all, and you're both nervous.

46. I still love you, car. Never change.

Driving your first car is a special moment, but the stress of choosing the right one can definitely ruin the occasion.

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