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The 12 Emotional Stages Of Owning Your First Car

Excited much?

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1. When you're so excited, you can't even:

2. Because this might be your first true love:

"Promise me you will never leave!"

"Promise me you will never leave!"

3. When you finally choose a name:



4. When you capture your first moment together:

Taps aff day the day boys 😉 #sun #tartan #Happy #carselfie

5. But then your love turns into an obsession:

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"There's absolutely no way you're getting in my new car with those grubby shoes."

6. And you spend that first night apart:

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"Sleep well, my love."

7. When you message your best mates:


8. Because you're overwhelmed with that sense of adventure:

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9. When it dawns on you:


10. And you can't wait to pick up your mates for the first time:

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"Shotgun driver's seat!"

11. But then you realise...

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12. This could finally be the moment you come of age:


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