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13 Dog Products Perfect For Your Next Outdoor Adventure

If your dog waits for you at the door to go on walks, this post is definitely for you.

FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. This 2-in-1 travel water bottle to help keep your dog hydrated on those hot days under the sun.

2. This backpack to store all of your doggy friend's essential needs as you both travel through nature.

3. This lightweight dog harness to provide adjustable comfort as you both tackle those tough trails together.

4. This stink-free collar to keep your dog's collar odor-free.

5. This hands-free leash to make your life a bit easier while hiking through tough trails.

6. These collapsible travel bowls make stopping for your next meal break both easy and convenient.

7. This cooling pet vest to prevent your dog from overheating as they work up a sweat on those muggy days.

8. This collapsible travel bowl to help keep your dog fed and watered while on the go.

9. This raincoat to ensure your dog stays warm and dry under the rain.

10. This outdoor dog mat to make those rest stops enjoyable and convenient.

11. This durable dog collar to keep your dog safe during all of their rigorous adventures.

12. These warm-weather dog boots to help your dog maintain their grip while trekking through trails.

13. This expandable backpack harness to keep your dog safe and comfortable, while offering a place to store smaller items.

Keep your adventure buddy ready to go with PetSmart's reliable Arcadia Trail gear.

All images courtesy of Overstock.