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Snooki Defends Her Cats On Twitter

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5. Snail slime is good for your skin.

Remember when you were a kid, you used to go into your parent’s yard after it rained and grab a bucket of snails? Well, you should have kept them, because they could be the key to the fountain of youth! According to Refinery29, top-selling Korean skin-care brands claim it’s the next big thing in skin care. Snail creams are the perfect solution for people looking to moisturize their faces and reduce acne scars or sunburns.

Beauty manufacturers such as Missha are putting the snail sludge in creams and serums because the slime apparently is rich in protein, glycolic acid and elastin, the sorts of things that assist in skin regeneration, help heal cuts, fight off infections and protect from UV rays.

4. World’s first prosthetic pawed dog

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As a puppy, Naki’o lost his paws to frostbite after his owners abandoned him outside in Nebraska’s harsh winter weather. Luckily, Naki’o was taken in by vet tech Christie Tomlinson, who nursed the neglected pooch back to health.

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3. Alpacas Rock Retro Hairdos

Looking for a new hair dew for spring? Every April, farmer Erwin Stadler and his daughter Carina shear their Austrian Alpacas woolly coats to prep them for the summer heat. Take note Taylor Lautner.

2. Scuba diving kitty

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Hawkeye the calico cat started diving after her owner, Gene Alba, crafted a custom, cat-sized scuba suit for her. Today, Hawkeye spends up to an hour each day searching the mysterious underwater depths of a nearby swimming pool, sometimes bringing along her partner and nap buddy, Muttley the dog.

1. Snooki Defends Her Cats Against Twitter Haters

We didn’t think Snooki could care for another living creature, let alone the fact that she is pregnant.

It all started Saturday night, when the reality star took to Twitter to inform her 5 million followers that she was watching Cats 101 on Animal Planet. “I fricken love cats so much, it’s actually a problem,” the Jersey Shore star wrote, before sharing a picture of her three boys, Vito, Rocky, and Tommy: “My swag cats. My f***ing best friends and (I) would die for them.” Polizzi, who once said she would chose her cats over her boyfriend, kept the conversation going by sharing another picture of Rocky, calling him her fiance Jionni’s “competition.”

It was all cute and cuddly until someone tweeted her back, “that is the ugliest cat I’ve ever seen.” Snooki didn’t take these comments well and tweeted back, “Um YA. Diss me all u want, but my cat? #NOUDIDNT,” before retweeting a more supportive fan who wrote, “ur cat is one handsome guy.”

“Legit just blocked 10+ ppl for saying my cats are ugly. #whatever #hairflip,” she concluded, before dropping the subject.

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