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11 Things Your Cat Is Desperately Trying To Tell You

All that climbing and scratching is actually their way of asking you to co-sign for a new cat condo…with a doorman please thanks bye.

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7. Your computer is putting out some serious radiation, so I must sit on it when you use protect you.

Cats are impervious to such things. We like RULED Ancient Egypt. We can handle radiation.

8. The toilet WILL engulf you if I don’t stand and watch when you go to the bathroom.

It’s scared of me. That’s why it behaves when I’m piercing it with my watchful eye.

Your cat is also desperately trying to tell you they’re thirsty. Heed your cat’s calls, and find out more about PetSafe® Pet Hydration Month.

All images via BuzzFeed / Abbey Lossing

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