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15 Signs Your Pet Has A Drinking Problem

It’s Pet Hydration Month! BuzzFeed and PetSafe® Brand are joining forces to make sure your pet is the opposite of thirsty.

Listen, your pet may have a problem with drinking.

And we don't mean like this, because that's insensitive:

We mean, your pet might not be getting enough water.

1. Like, for instance, is your pet...acting out?

2. Is your pet acting angry but also sort of lethargic?

3. Are they lacking the energy they usually have?

4. Are they legit trying to find water anywhere they can?

5. Seriously, any way they can?


7. Do they look at liquid as if it's an old friend in the grocery store they're not sure they remember?

8. Or is your pet in a super-dark mood?

9. Hanging with a super-dark crowd?

10. Does your furry friend seem a little overheated?

11. Or a little...out of it?

12. Are you leaving your pet shadeless in the sun for too long?

13. Or is your pet just very...

14. ...very...

15. ...TIRED?

Well. Then...your pet might be super dehydrated.

Check out PetSafe® Brand to learn how to spot the symptoms of dehydration in pets!

And, of course, encourage your furry friends to drink more water! Nothing worse than being thirsty, amirite?