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    13 Charismatic Cats From Movies And Cartoons

    There is a widespread saying that cats rule the internet. This is not far from the truth. By coincidence (or rather naturally) some cats will forever be remembered with their roles in movies and cartoons.

    1. Tom Tom&Jerry - Tom is just one part of the immortal duo Tom & Jerry!

    2. Mr. Tinkles Cats & Dogs (2001) - Don’t make this kitty mad. He will want to take over the world even more!

    3. Azrael The Smurfs (2011) - sly and cunning, Azrael will always strike fear in the hearths of Smurfs all over the world!

    4. Garfield - love life and fun with Garfield!

    5. Mittens Bolt (2008) - Mittens could be a pain sometimes, but this clever cat will always be remembered for its witty personality.

    6. Crookshanks Harry Potter (2001-2011) - Crookshanks was not the most beloved pet in the school, but Hermione sure loved that cat.

    7. The Cheshire Cat Alice In Wonderland (2010) - the Cheshire Cat is definitely one of the most remembered from Alice in Wonderland.

    8. Si & Am Lady & The Tramp (1955) - perfect unison in motion and looks represented by Si and Am from Lady & the Tramp

    9. Lucifer Cinderella (1950) - Cinderella’s life would have been so much easier without pesky Lucifer!

    10. Figaro Pinocchio (1940) - Figaro may act reserved at times, but he is still a loving kitty in his heart!

    11. Mr. Jinx Meet The Parents (2000) - Jinx and Jack combined were sometimes too much for Greg!

    12. Puss In Boot Shrek 2 (2004) - where would Shrek be without his cute - and courageous - companion Puss in Boots!


    13. Snowbell Stuart Little (1999) - Snowbell was not too fond of Stuart, but he surely redeemed himself when it mattered!

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