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    10 Things To Know When You Move To London

    London is not a city to be taken lightly, unless you are a tourist. If you are moving in there permanently, you will do well to keep in mind the following:

    1. Prepare for excitement


    London presents great many opportunities for people of all interests to visit and experience.

    2. New traffic rules


    It will feel like a nightmare at first, but you will get used to the different traffic setup in London … with some luck.

    3. Central London off-limits


    Avoid going there, if you don’t want to battle for every breath of oxygen with the hordes of tourists.

    4. Figure out the Tube


    One of the mains of transport also comes with a scheme so difficult, that you might need special courses to learn how to navigate.

    5. Prepare for the public transport


    It’s bustling with activity! Get in shape and keep your head down, as often times your elbows will be doing the talking.

    6. Consult city maps


    If you come from a small town you know everything about, prepare to lose yourself in London. Download few map apps on your phone. You will desperately need them.

    7. Nasty weather


    Everything they tell you about London weather is mostly true. You will find putting on extra layers, just to feel comfortable. Be prepared to see it change by the minute.

    8. Appreciate perfect weather


    The truly nice days of great weather are going to be few. Make the most of them, as you might not get the chance soon.

    9. Visit the parks


    London is a city with plenty of parks and you should learn to appreciate their green scenery.

    10. Christmas is a fine time


    You will notice the spirit of Christmas completely takes over December. A lot of people catch up and you should too!

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