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8 Absolutely Purrfect Gifts For The Cat That Has It All

Just when you thought there were no more ways to spoil your cat...PETKIT comes through with smart gadgets your bestie will meow-dore!

1. Take your kitty around the world (or at least to visit your parents) in the sleek Breezy Dome:

White cat inside Breezy Dome

2. If your bff loves leisuring anywhere anytime, but can always use one more, ultra-comfortable resting spot, there's the Deep Sleep bed:

Gray and white cat relaxing inside pet bed

3. For the cat that needs to not only drink water, but also drink filtered water in a stylish, smart way, try the Eversweet Solo water fountain.

White cat licking whiskers sitting next to water fountain for pets

4. Speaking of hydration, carry the Eversweet Travel water bottle in case your best bud gets thirsty during your adventures.

Travel water bottle next to pinecone and gift

5. Your bestie can't have too many surfaces to scratch — and is likely very deserving of this super-cute Flying Fish Cat Scratching Post.

Cat playfully looks up while in front of scratching toy shaped like giant fish

6. For the strong independent kitty who wants to feed themselves, there's the Fresh Element Solo feeder.

Kitty next to the Fresh Element Solo pet feeder

7. A self-cleaning cat litter box sounds pretty good, right? Gift your hygiene-loving bff with the awesome PURA X. They really can't have enough nice things.

Cat and dog in living room, next to PURA X, a self-cleaning litter box

8. Or treat your bestest bud these holidays with the Fresh Element Infinity feeder.

White cat next to the Fresh Element Infinity pet feeder.

We're pawsitive your cat will love all of these! Head to the PETKIT store to find even more cool gadgets for your cool cat. 🐱‍👓