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17 Reasons Why You Should Ditch The NFL For Premier League Football

For the fan who is tired of all the off-field controversies, excessive violence, and incessant commercial breaks.

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2. The games are a lot shorter. You can watch two EPL games in the same amount of time it takes to watch one NFL game.

4. You get to choose your own team to root for vs. having to cheer for the crappy one closest to where you grew up.

5. The threat of relegation keeps all games competitive and intense, even amongst the bad teams.

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No longer do you have to suffer through Bills vs. Dolphins games in mid-December that mean absolutely nothing.

6. A lot less severe injuries. You get to actually watch your favorite players play vs. wait for them to get off the PUP list. (Makes playing fantasy a lot more fun, too!)

7. No commercial breaks during gameplay! Two 45-minute halves with no TV timeouts, icing the kicker timeouts, or injury timeouts.

LVMS / Via

This guy got a lot less interesting after watching his commercial for the 573rd time.

11. The season lasts a lot longer than the NFL. Nine months of fun vs. five. / Via

Although your girlfriend *might* not like this aspect of it. Maybe you should go apple picking this weekend, instead.

17. If you do decide to convert, just don't choose Manchester United as your team. (Unless you already root for the Lakers, Yankees or Cowboys)

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