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Dogs Falling Asleep By Their Food Bowls

There is a rare occasion when sleep is more important than eating. For these doggies, that time is now. Good night, sleep tight, and don't let the other pups bite! (Alternatively, dogs passed out after a long night partying.)

Ashley Baccam • 8 years ago

How to Make Popcorn with Lasers

Cooking with lasers!

Peggy Wang • 8 years ago

No, Your Zodiac Sign Has NOT Changed...

So don't worry about getting that tattoo removed... Well the Zodiac-related one, anyway.

Tear-Drop • 8 years ago

Marshawn Lynch Gets A Magic Star

What happens when you apply the rules of Super Mario to real life?

Tear-Drop • 8 years ago

In Russia, You Don't Get Parking Ticket...

...Parking ticket get you. (via

Tear-Drop • 8 years ago

Whats Better Than Black Ops? Lego Black Ops.

Who thought that plastic could be so killer?

Tear-Drop • 8 years ago

Filmography 2010

270 films from this year edited into one 6 minute trailer.

Dino Ignacio • 8 years ago

Coolest Stunt Reel Ever

Azo, the guy who brought you AZO showreel 2009 and 2008 comes back this year with more insane stunts.

AwesomeRobo • 8 years ago

Sesame Street Motherf***er!

Lil Jon remixes the Sesame Street theme song because why the f**k not? After all, he's been the unofficial children's show rapper for years.

Kate Zoop • 8 years ago