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    We Have Inexplicably Obtained Prize Night Documents From The '80s That Reveal Gladys Berejiklian Was Not In Fact Dux

    "...a response was provided to the best of her recollection," said NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian's spokesperson.

    NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian says she is "happy to be corrected" over her belief that she was the top-ranked girl at high school for four consecutive years.

    Berejiklian was undoubtedly a bright student who did well at English, History, Asian Studies and Language, however it appears her memory regarding her academic achievements 35 years ago is a little hazy.

    In March BuzzFeed News revealed that although media outlets had repeatedly claimed Berejiklian was dux of North Ryde (later Peter Board) High, she actually wasn't. That honour went to Gregory Seil.

    "The premier has never said she was the overall dux of her school," Berejiklian's office said in a statement to BuzzFeed News at the time.

    "Between year 7 and year 10 one female and one male student was given such recognition. The premier was the girl dux in each of these years. When the premier was in year 12 she was not the overall dux."

    But prize night documents obtained by BuzzFeed News suggest Berejiklian was not the girl dux — otherwise known as the recipient of the Outstanding Academic Achievement Award — for four consecutive years.

    The prize night booklets show that in 1984, when Berejiklian was in Year 8, the "Outstanding Academic Achievement Award" for a girl student went to Anna Hocking.

    When contacted by BuzzFeed News, Hocking said that while the term "dux" was not used at the school, she believed that she and not Berejiklian received the award for top girl in 1984. The prize night booklet states that Berejiklian came second in English and History.

    A 1983 prize night document indicates that while Berejiklian came first in Year 7 for Asian Studies and Language, there was no Outstanding Academic Achievement Award that year.

    BuzzFeed News has not seen documents that show if the premier was the top-ranked girl in Year 9 (1985) or Year 10 (1986).

    In a statement to BuzzFeed News, the premier's office said: "The Premier has not promoted the matter of school awards ... On this occasion, BuzzFeed asked questions, and a response was provided to the best of her recollection, but she is happy to be corrected."