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    How To Know You Are A Glad Man.

    Ever wondered if you are a glad man? Definition of a Glad Man- 'A male of the human species who shamelessly self promotes himself and craves attention even while they sleep'.....Here are some sure fire ways to tell if you are a "Glad Man." And if this post offends you, remember #begladnotmad.......

    You are Machel Montano

    Rosary Beads are a fashion statement

    You've been on at least 3 committees in the last month

    You own a sleeveless hoodie

    Your goal in life is to get your motto trending

    Tank Tops & Beads

    Selfies are your life

    Pink Blazers

    You have comps to all the Fetes

    This is your Facebook status

    You model carnival costumes

    You regularly wear red pants

    You wear a scarf or any other winter clothing even though you live in a tropical country

    #hashtags #on #everything

    "Promoter" is on your resume

    You are still Machel