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We Tried To Find 10 BuzzFeed Employees Just Like Cops Did For The Golden State Killer

The Golden State Killer case has triggered a boom in “genetic genealogy” for solving crimes. But how hard is it to find people by sleuthing in their family trees?

Peter Aldhous • 9 days ago

The Golden State Killer Case Has Spawned A New Forensic Science Industry

One company has already solved more than 30 cold cases through genetic genealogy. Now the biggest forensic DNA firm in the US is getting involved.

Peter Aldhous • 2 months ago

One Of The Biggest At-Home DNA Testing Companies Is Working With The FBI

The move is sure to raise privacy concerns as law enforcement gains the ability to match DNA from crime scenes to a vast library of possible relatives.

Salvador Hernandez • 2 months ago

He Denied Sexual Harassment Allegations In An Academic Journal. Now Two Universities Have Found Against Him.

William Jacoby set off a storm of protest last year when he used the journal he edited to rebut allegations of sexual harassment.

Peter Aldhous • 3 months ago

The Cities Where The Cops See No Hate

The victims were beaten or threatened with deadly weapons. They were taunted with racist or anti-gay abuse. Yet the police decided these weren’t hate crimes.

Peter Aldhous • 4 months ago

Is Your Home At Risk From Wildfire? Check These Maps.

We don’t know exactly when and where wildfires will strike, but almost two decades of fire history show the areas at highest risk.

Peter Aldhous • 4 months ago

Why California Can’t Chainsaw Its Way Out Of A Raging Inferno

“This is a home ignition problem much more than a wildland management problem,” one fire ecologist said.

Peter Aldhous • 4 months ago

Is Your Home At Risk Of Flooding From Rising Seas By 2050? Check This Map.

Homeowners in these areas will need to get used to flooding year after year.

Zahra Hirji • 5 months ago

A Star Neuroscientist Allegedly Drugged And Sexually Assaulted A Grad Student At A Scientific Meeting

Vanderbilt University placed David Sweatt on leave in August, after the allegation surfaced on Twitter. Records obtained by BuzzFeed News show that the school was warned he was a “potential safety threat” in 2017.

Peter Aldhous • 5 months ago

How Russia’s Online Trolls Engaged Unsuspecting American Voters — And Sometimes Duped The Media

By impersonating US activists on the left and right, Russia’s online trolls got Americans’ eyeballs on their content. But we still don’t know whether the Kremlin’s meddling changed anyone’s real-world behavior.

Peter Aldhous • 5 months ago

Documents Show That Arizona State Investigated A Slew Of Allegations Against Physicist Lawrence Krauss

“It is inconceivable how a faculty member in the course of carrying out his work responsibilities could believe that the conduct would ever be appropriate,” the university’s provost wrote.

Peter Aldhous • 5 months ago

Celebrity Physicist Lawrence Krauss Will Retire From Arizona State In Wake Of Harassment Investigation

In February, BuzzFeed News revealed a decadelong history of allegations against the famous physicist.

Peter Aldhous • 5 months ago

The Method That Snared The Golden State Killer Suspect Could Find More Than Half Of Americans From Their DNA, Scientists Say

The researchers want genetic testing companies to “sign” the DNA profiles they produce with a secure code — limiting access to databases by cops.

Peter Aldhous • 6 months ago

Here’s Where Hurricane Michael’s Storm Surge May Hit Hardest

Experts predict potentially life-threatening storm surges — as high as 12 feet — in parts of the Florida Panhandle.

Zahra Hirji • 6 months ago

Hurricane Michael Strengthens To An Extremely Dangerous Category 4 Storm As It Nears Florida's Coast

“We know that a storm like Michael can be devastating and deadly,” said Florida Gov. Rick Scott.

Zahra Hirji • 6 months ago

These Updating Maps Show Predicted Wind, Rain, And Floods From Hurricane Michael

The forecasts, which are from the National Hurricane Center and the National Weather Service, will update automatically.

Peter Aldhous • 6 months ago

A Dean At Arizona State Has Formally Recommended That Lawrence Krauss Be Fired

In February, BuzzFeed News revealed a decadelong history of sexual misconduct allegations against Arizona State University professor Lawrence Krauss.

Peter Aldhous • 6 months ago

Here’s What Critics Say About That Big New Hoax On Gender Studies

The hoaxers say that gender, race theory, and sexuality studies are corrupting academia. Critics say the experiment was itself a biased sham.

Virginia Hughes • 6 months ago

This Top Lab Suspended A Theoretical Physicist After He Made Sexist Comments At A Gender And Science Meeting

Physics is not biased against women, but does discriminate against men, Alessandro Strumia claimed.

Peter Aldhous • 6 months ago

Scientists And Lawmakers Slammed This Health Agency For Its Weak Policies On Sexual Harassment

The National Institutes of Health spends $30 billion a year on medical research. Critics say the agency isn’t doing enough to fight sexual harassment.

Peter Aldhous • 7 months ago