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Donald Trump Fiction Is A Thing

I realise that Donald Trump is no stranger to the odd news headline /Internet article as of late. In fact, he could probably scrap all his businesses and live quite happily on the proceeds from all of the mentions he seems to garner on a minute-by-minute basis. But, good old Trumpo isn't the only one cashing in on his fame or 'business' successes. A few ebook authors have rallied to produce completely bizarre pieces of fiction (I recall an earlier buzzfeed post with Donald having sex with dinosaurs) and they show no signs of stopping. Spending my free time (un)wisely, I came across this. THIS I can barely describe. Very much NSFW (Really, hold off from reading if you're bored in the office) Donny takes part in some of the most ludicrous tale of events to date. Watersports? (Not the banana-boat variety) Check. Secretive hook-ups with lover boy Putin? Check. Two Russian hookers with their own ideas as to what constitutes as a good time? CHECK. It's short but it I couldn't stop laughing. I'm keeping my eyes peeled on this genre, and if you're as weird as I, you should too. God help America.

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