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12 Holiday Must-Have Gifts For Every Type Of Cat

Cats come in all different stripes, spots, and patches, but they all have one thing in common: They love getting gifts from you and Petco!

Petco is having all kinds of amazing holiday sales right now! Please visit their website for the latest deals on gifts and more!

1. For the cat who wants to cosplay as Kris Kringle, this adorable Santa cat costume.

2. Or, for the cat who wants to cosplay as Kris "Crinkle" this holiday season, this crinkly play sack.

3. For the cat who needs a tree to climb...that's not the Xmas tree...this 5-level cat tree.

4. For the cat disheartened at the lack of creatures "stirring," this set of festive mice toys.

5. For the cat who is finally ready for sweater weather, this seasonal sweater!

6. For the cat who wants to join the funukkah, this festive gift set!

7. For the feline with an eye for fancy flair during the festive season, this red plaid necktie!

8. For the cat who wants in on the holiday turkey, these turkey treats.

9. For the cat who, when it comes to the holidays, believes the more, the merrier, these pickle pals plush toys stuffed with catnip.

10. For the cat who wants a burst of flavor stuffed into their stocking, these seafood-flavored cat treats!

11. For the cat who feels the greatest they can give you is themselves, this present-styled cat bed!

12. For the cat who is...a little too excited for the holidays, this mentally engaging interactive toy.

All images courtesy of Petco

No matter what your cat is into, you're sure to find something from their holiday wish list at Petco!