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24 Gifts That Are Perfect For Both New Pet Parents And Their Pets

Are you a new parent to a cat or dog? These holiday gifts from Petco will not only help your new friend's development (and the everyday) but also help develop a bond between you and them!

Petco is having all kinds of amazing holiday sales right now! Please visit their website for the latest deals on gifts and more!

For your new dog:

1. This holiday gift set that's a good start for what your dog needs.

2. These festive vanilla-flavored biscuit treats!

3. This super-cool stuffed yeti with a water bottle inside that makes for an irresistible "crunch."

4. This folding crate so your dog has a den-like space to call their own.

5. This reindeer-clad dog bed for when your pooch is tired from pulling the sleigh.

6. And when they're ready for a holiday stroll? This 3-piece walking essentials set.

7. These training treats sure to persuade them to be on the nice list.

8. This waste bag dispenser, covertly disguised as a cup of coffee.

9. This snow-themed gift set to shower your dog with.

10. This DNA breed identification kit will help you learn more about your new friend.

11. This pack of quilted potty pads for, well... when your puppy has a gift for you.

12. This stain and odor formula that not only targets severe pet messes but also works to discourage future ones.

13. This topical flea & tick treatment pack for the dog who can't help but make new friends who live in his fur.

For your new cat:

14. This holiday gift set of Cat-mas–themed toys.

15. This gingerbread house for your little sweetie.

16. These holiday turkey snacks that are perfect for bonding with your cat this season.

17. This 3-level cat tree with a condo to get cozy in on cold nights.

18. This snowman cat toy gift set to help make holiday memories with your new feline.

19. This festive red glitter breakaway collar sure to get your new cat in the holiday spirit.

20. These pickle plush toys filled with catnip and ready for the holiday party!

21. This calming aid that will keep your cat calm even through the loudest vacuum cleanings.

22. This scoop-free litter box that will allow you to spend less time cleaning and more time with your new cat!

23. Or this top-entry litter box that reduces odors and increases privacy.

24. And this bowl that knows exactly whom it's for.

All images via Petco.

Whether you're a new pet parent yourself or you're shopping for one, all pets and pet parents deserve the best! Visit Petco for all your canine and feline needs this holiday season.