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    • petars

      HAHAHAH …so Im a banker and this ISH is fantastic. But do have few things to add to Thomas’s coment !
      A) I tip 20%
      b) nope, my daddy isn’t rich. Worked my a$$ off and got promoted from teller to manager
      C)no one to help me out….I did do it all my self
      D)I do carry a sense of satisfaction because im living “American Dream” = work hard, be thankful and enjoy the fruits of your labor
      E)industry that hurts everyone ?! well I help people save money, put kids through college , buy a home and use their retirement savings to fulfill their bucket lists !
      F) Tailored suits for $149 from TJ MAX !!! SCORE ….
      G) Fussy about every detail ?? damn….u really need to see my living room lol
      H)Donating to charities - hmmm does Thanksgiving day spent working at local food pantry count ?
      I) Bonuses ? wait we are suppose to get bonuses ???? oooooh those dough nuts we serve every last Friday of the month ?!? Im telling you… those Damn bankers !
      Soooo Thomas what do you do ???

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