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How To Follow The Zuckerberg Diet

Zuckerberg's I-only-chew-who-I-murder diet isn't a rampage, it's a personal challenge. He's killing cuz he cares. In that case, here are the 9 tools you will need to eat just like the Zuckerguru.

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  • 1. Knife

  • 2. Chick

  • 3. Bone Disposal Machine

  • 4. Flesh-Ripping Teeth

  • 5. Goat

  • 6. Justification

    This guy was psycho; you're a man with an ethical mission.

  • 7. Bucket

  • 8. Pig

  • 9. Butcher

    Slit a pig's throat and--bacon! That's basically how the Zuckerberg diet works, except a butcher handles all the messy stuff in between.