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5 Incredible Videos Of Life In The Womb

You won't believe these funny, cute, and jaw-dropping videos of human life in the womb. These babies are amazing!

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1. Twins fighting for space

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Sibling rivalry sometimes starts before birth! Check out this amazing MRI video of twins fighting for space in their mother's womb.

2. Baby repeatedly yawns

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According to new scientific discovery, babies yawn in the womb. Maybe all of that growing tires them out!

3. TED Talks highlights incredible fetal development

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Via TED Talks

"We were seeing that had never been seen before... It was hard not to attribute divinity to it."

4. Baby senses hearing and touch

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Via National Geographic

National Geographic's documentary "Life in the Womb" shows how the baby uses its senses prior to birth.

5. Beautiful footage of an unborn baby

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Via Youth Defence

It's challenging, thought-provoking, beautiful and sad.

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