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    10 Hollywood Movies That Accidentally Affirm Life

    These Hollywood blockbusters unexpectedly promote the value of human life. Check out the top popcorn-munchers containing nuggets of pro-life wisdom!

    1. Horton Hears A Who

    2. Juno

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    Jason Reitman's quirky film about a high schooler's unintended pregnancy ends up affirming life and adoption. Initially she decides to have an abortion. But after a pro-life protester outside the abortion clinic comically tells Juno that her "baby has fingernails," the teenager decides to bravely carry her baby to term and give the child to a loving adoptive family. The film demonstrates that Juno doesn't need abortion to be a "strong" woman.

    3. It's A Wonderful Life

    4. Knocked Up

    5. What To Expect When You're Expecting

    6. August Rush

    7. Cheaper By The Dozen

    8. Waitress

    9. The Island

    10. Rob Roy

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