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18 Important Life Lessons From M.Gustave

Lesson No1: Never mess with the lobby boy!

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1. Always try and look your best, no matter the occasion.

2. And to look your best, make sure you know the best beauty secrets around.


3. A little perfume goes a long way.

4. Be sure to always give a good compliment.

5. But at the same time be honest in your opinion.

6. Never be rude. Rudeness is merely an expression of fear.

7. Help others, but also ask for help when you need it.

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8. Always finish what you started, no matter what.

9. Life’s too short. And pointless.

10. And because life’s too short, always travel in class.

11. It isn't worth spending your life being jealous.

12. Some things you can simply not forget.

13. Be optimistic about the world.

14. Never be picky in life, just go with the flow.

15. Be generous with your words.

16. Always have fun in life.

17. Give some good advice.

18. And, of course, never mess with the lobby boy!

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