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15 Stunning Gift Wrapping Ideas For The Minimalist In You

Tip: Get some kraft paper and some string!

1. Splash it

Get white paper and some paint and just randomly drop the paint on the paper to create a masterpiece that everyone will admire. Check it out here

2. Kraft Paper, String, and Foliage

Use any color kraft paper you like and with a piece of string tie whatever foliage you have lying around on your present. Your gifts will look like this in no time! Directions here

3. Seeing Stars

Time to use your cookie cutters to help you sketch and cut out stars in different sizes. Use some string or ribbon to tie them to your present and you'll be seeing stars! Directions here.

4. Stamp it

You can't go wrong with this one! If you don't have a stamp learn how to create your own here and get crafty.

5. A hint of red

Freshen up your memory on how to cut out a snowflake here

6. White is more

Go for an all white look with white wrapping paper and white ribbon. Add these beautiful gift tags to make a difference! Download them for free here.

7. Nostalgic

Just wrap your presents using kraft paper and tie or glue the postcards on top. Directions here.

8. Go Mint

For added craftiness, cut different images from magazines and glue them to your paper. Tie it all together adding some foliage and voilà! Directions here.

9. Just Cake Paper

This is as simple as it gets. Find some cake paper to use as a gift tag and tie it around your present with some string. Simple as that! Directions here.

10. Printable Tags and White Paper

All you need for this beautiful gift wrapping idea is some white kraft paper. Everything else, you can download for free here — so there's no excuse for not having beautifully wrapped presents!

11. Cut out

This may look a bit complicated, but all you need to do is take your paper and cut out some triangles. Wrap your present with another wrapping paper first and then put your kraft paper on top. Directions here.

12. Blue Hues

Christmas wrapping paper doesn't have to be all red and green. Experiment with blue hues for a stunning result! Get full directions here

13. All about the tag

Kraft paper can look amazing with the right tag. Download these here to impress everyone with your craftiness!

14. More Kraft Paper & More Foliage

You know what to do by now! Directions here.

15. Back to Black

Make your gifts resemble a blackboard by wrapping them in black paper and drawing on them using a white marker. So therapeutic and so beautiful! Directions here.

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