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    15 Colorful DIYs To Bring Spring Back Into Your Home

    Spring ahead into cuteness.

    1. Copper Planters

    Homey Oh My / Via

    Copper is all the hype this spring, incorporate it in your house with these totally cute planters.

    2. Delicate Flower Chandelier

    Honestly WTF / Via

    Tutorial here.

    3. Animal Pillows

    Studio DIY / Via

    Learn how to make these delicious-looking decorations here.

    4. Flower Mirror

    Design Love Fest / Via

    Tutorial here.

    5. Botanical Wall Hanging

    Francoisetmoi / Via

    Bring spring into your bedroom with this soothing wall decoration.

    6. Hand-Painted Indigo Clay Bowls

    Alice and Lois / Via

    Find out how to make your own version of these here.

    7. Painted Storage Boxes

    Tell Love And Party / Via

    Get the super-simple instructions here.

    8. Fancy Cheese Board

    Sarah Hearts / Via

    For your nice cheese or your individually-wrapped slices. Find out how to make it here.

    9. Watercolor Cloth Napkins

    Alice And Lois / Via

    Find them here.

    10. Leaf Poster

    Monsters Circus / Via

    Bring nature indoors with this cool AF minimal poster that you can make on your own.

    11. Watermelon Picnic Basket

    Studio DIY / Via

    Learn how to make it here.

    12. Fruit Magnets

    Homey Oh My / Via

    Instructions here.

    13. Floral Painted Sunglasses

    Lovely Indeed / Via

    Why splurge when you can make these sunglasses on your own?

    14. Fruit Slice Umbrellas

    Studio DIY / Via

    These colorful umbrellas will protect you from the rain or harsh sun.

    15. And these Patchy Pattern Pillows

    Fall For DIY / Via

    Customize these adorable, comfy pillows with any pattern or color your heart desires.

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