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  • A Transcript Of Mel Gibson’s Latest Rant

    After Mel Gibson’s latest meltdown, many people have been asking ‘what the F**k did he actually say?’ Luckily, our staff at andPOP worked tirelessly through the night to transcribe the audio of Mel on his latest freakout. Oh Mel Gibson, you so craaaaaaazy (certifiably crazy).

  • What Jersey Shore Cast Member Would Make The Best President?

    This week Paul talks about Jay Z and Beyonce’s night off. If they were at the Knicks game, who’s baby sitting? After struggling to find an answer he changes gears and gets to some hard hitting journalism. He polls people on the street about which Jersey Shore cast member should run for office. What would their platform be? Paul Murphy finds out what would happen if a guido or guidette was elected into the White House.

  • What Disney Princesses Would You F*ck, Marry, Kill?

    Paul Murphy (@MindOfPMurph) asked regular people to make a very difficult decision. Unsuspecting students had to pick a Disney princess to take to bed, another to marry and lastly one to kill. With all the Tumblr accounts posting hipster Disney princesses, fake Vogue covers and goth adaptations of the fairy tale characters, Paul wanted to see how they rank amongst each other. Who would you pick? It’s the perfect game to stimulate conversation at a bar but be careful, it’s a very polarizing question that often starts an argument. The results were surprising, watch as people weigh in on who’s hot, who’s wife-material and who dies.

  • Shit Girls Say About Shit Girls Say

    This meme has proven it’s staying power with nearly a full month of Shit various people say. By now, virtually every nationality and sexual orientation has been lampooned in just under two minutes on youtube. Shit Girls Say has trended on twitter and it’s been shared on millions of Facebook pages, yet it seems the world is still craving more.

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