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Here’s What Happens When Six Different Artists Draw The Exact Same Thing

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Ever wonder what the world looks like through someone else’s eyes? Every day we see the same things as countless other people, but do we see them in the same way? To find out just how unique our individual perspectives really are, we reached out to six different artists and asked them to draw the same image.

This image, to be exact:

What we got back demonstrates just how differently we all see the world — with each artist putting their own unique flavor on the original image.

Starting with this FOMO-inducing tropical interpretation from Son H.:

William S. went in a more otherworldly direction:

Where you saw a glass of fruit, Lyla R. saw a charming little mermaid grotto:

Danielle C. saw past the scene to something a little more surreal:

Dan B. went in a more traditional (and dog-friendly!) direction:

And, finally, Kevin V. traded in the natural setting for something a little more contemporary:

Everybody sees the world in their own way! Find your flavor inspiration with the extraordinary taste and invigorating bubbles of Perrier® Flavors.

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