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14 People Who Are Transforming Our Feeds Into Incredible Art

These creative minds are putting a twist on social media with their awesome artwork! And Perrier® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water is putting an extraordinary twist on your day.

1. @alexgarantart

2. @witchoria

3. Hayley Cassatt

Courtesy of Hayley Cassatt /

Cassatt perfectly illustrates pop-culture icons from movies and real life as narwhals (as if narwhals weren't enthralling enough!). Her Tumblr is addicting, and you can find her prints on Etsy!

4. @13thwitness

5. @flojalife

6. @thegaybeards

7. @missconniehoole

8. @animal_porreca

9. @pazzii

10. @claydoodles

11. @drugfactorypress

12. @signepierce

13. I'm Not 12

Courtesy of Irene Freitas /

Irena Freitas' style is soft and girly. Her Tumblr displays her struggles as an artist in a transitional stage, but it will also whisk you away to a playful land.

14. @poni

These artists are extraordinary and effervescent, just like Perrier® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water's unique taste and bubbles!

Join us for a live Perrier Event by artist L’Atlas at Rockefeller Park in NYC on October 28 from 9 a.m.–5 p.m. RSVP here.

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