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14 People Who Are Transforming Our Feeds Into Incredible Art

These creative minds are putting a twist on social media with their awesome artwork! And Perrier® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water is putting an extraordinary twist on your day.

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1. @alexgarantart

Self-described "Queen of Double Eyes," Garant's trippy oil paintings will give you a sort of pleasant headache and in the process convince you that a dimension of juxtaposed features is somehow exactly what your eyes were craving.

2. @witchoria

If your desire is to view reality with an abstract twist and an added dose of cleverly placed app icons and messaging, look no further than Victoria Siemer's bewitching Instagram and webpage. Let her turn your world (both tangible and digital) upside down.

3. Hayley Cassatt

Courtesy of Hayley Cassatt /

Cassatt perfectly illustrates pop-culture icons from movies and real life as narwhals (as if narwhals weren't enthralling enough!). Her Tumblr is addicting, and you can find her prints on Etsy!

4. @13thwitness

Seemingly angling the world in whichever way he feels like it, 13th Witness' Instagram account is like taking a high-speed underground scenic ride through enigmatic corners, avenues bursting with light (or existing in haunting desolation), clouds that put cotton candy's fluffiness to shame, and, of course, space.

5. @flojalife

With her singular Chicano slang, black-and-white illustrations, and fun vibrant graphics, flojalife literally gives life to buzzy terms like #foreveralone while throwing in religious motifs, chola influences, a little bit of Spanglish, and a big dose of rebelliousness.

6. @thegaybeards

If you think facial hair and art are incompatible, The Gay Beards will gladly — and in sparkling fashion — prove you dead wrong. Their Instagram is a fuzzy adventure into the art of decorating beards so poignantly you'll be inspired to stick some tulips into your pet's fur immediately.

7. @missconniehoole

Lifestyle photographer Coonie Hoole's deliciously colorful Instagram will provide you with all the eye candy you need in the most vibrant way. Hey, if we can't eat it, we can at least enjoy it visually, right?

8. @animal_porreca

Anna Porreca’s art- and adventure-inspired Instagram will take any feed on a whimsical journey.

9. @pazzii

Alberto Pazzii creates colorful collages that encompass both his personal experiences while growing up in his natal Mexico as well as his current lifestyle in Brooklyn, NYC.

10. @claydoodles

Courtesy of Ilana & Jess /

Claydoodles is precisely that. Ilana and Jess mesh simple illustrations with impossibly cute clay creations. Needless to say, this Instagram account is simply adorable.

11. @drugfactorypress

Ryan Duggan's colorful prints are entertaining, delightful, and a true treat for the eyes.

12. @signepierce

Reality artist Signe Pierce's instagram welcomes you to a neon-colored psychedelic reality with avant-garde imagery and settings reminiscent of the '70s.

13. I'm Not 12

Courtesy of Irene Freitas /

Irena Freitas' style is soft and girly. Her Tumblr displays her struggles as an artist in a transitional stage, but it will also whisk you away to a playful land.

14. @poni

A little bit film noir, a little bit pop art, Hilda Palafox's illustrations of women are clean, simple, and — let's face it — just straight-up cool.

These artists are extraordinary and effervescent, just like Perrier® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water's unique taste and bubbles!

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