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16 MORE Times Grant Gustin And Candice Patton Were #FriendshipGoals

When your friendship is so cute, it requires more than one article...

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Last week, I compiled some of Grant Gustin and Candice Patton's cutest friendship moments (which you can view HERE), but when your friendship is as cute as theirs, one article just isn't enough! (Blame them for giving their fans much to fangirl/boy over!)

So sit back, relax, and enjoy 16 MORE times Grant and Candice were friendship goals!!.

When Candice's Dog "Fell In Love" With Grant

@tamara_pashley zoë was madly in love w grant today though. made me a little jealous. 😆

Can you really blame her?

When Grant's Love Of Zoe Was Obviously Mutual...

Okay, but that dog is really cute.

When Grant And Candice Had A Little Dancing Fun BTS

The cast that dances together, stays together, right? (I'm paraphrasing.)

Whatever Made Them Look Like This...

Sometimes, life is just confusing.

When Grant Made Candice Just Laugh SO Hard On Set...

Did you see Candice's knee slap though?

When Grant Joked That Candice Was His Celebrity Crush

Sure he was coerced, but it still counts!

When Candice Realized That Grant (Barry) Had Been Kissing Other Versions Of Her (Iris)

How could he!

When Grant Tried To Explain It Away...

Okay, suuuuuure.

When They Both Answered "Netflix And Chill" In Response To What They Thought Barry and Iris's Perfect Day Would Be Like

View this video on YouTube

(Start @ 1:47)

I mean, they're not wrong.

ALL of These BTS Moments

I just...*fangirls until I explode.*

When Candice Said She "Loved" Her Grant Gustin

View this video on YouTube

I mean, was there ever any doubt where Candice's loyalty lied?

This Cute Little Moment

The bottom right photo is my fave too, so maybe Grant's onto something.

This Photo op After Paley Fest (Being This Photogenic Should Be A Crime)

They're so pretty, I just wanna cry.

When Grant Posted This Candid Of Candice

Same sentiment as above.

When They Were All Dressed Up At Some Fancy Event


And Finally, (Because This Would Take All Day If I Involved Every.Single.Interaction) This ADORABLE Skit They Recently Filmed Onset

Instagram: @cavanaghtom

I. Need.Moooooore. *sob*

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