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Why Michael Jackson Is Called "The King Of Pop"

Brace yourself for some jaw-dropping hubris.

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This happened just before the launch of "Black or White," and any network that would show the 11-minute video had to agree to this request.

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Larry Stessel, an executive at Epic Records at the time, explains the origin of the name:

Michael called me one day and said, "I want to have a nickname, like 'The Boss' or 'The King.'" I said, "Well, Bruce Springsteen is 'The Boss,' and Elvis Presley is 'The King.' You can't be the King because you'll never live it down. The press will rip you apart." But Michael would not let this go. He hired his own personal publicist, Bob Jones. And one day, Bob issued a press release announcing that Michael Jackson was the King of Pop. Michael went rogue on us.

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