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How Well Do You Know "The Twelve Days Of Christmas"?

Time to test your knowledge of the holiday season's answer to "99 Bottles of Beer."

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  1. iStock
    A partridge in a pear tree
    A potato in a palm tree
    A party near a pine tree
  2. iStock
    Two turtle doves
    Two turtle ducks
    Two kinds of bud
  3. iStock
    Three French horns
    Three French men
    Three French hens
  4. iStock
    Four calling birds
    Four figgy puddings
    Four fudgy fudges
  5. iStock
  6. Six fleece playthings
    Six geese a-laying
    Six of some random animal, idk
  7. iStock
    Seven swans a-swimming
    Seven something something
    Wait, hold on, who is going to take care of all these animals?
  8. iStock
    Eight maids a-milking
    It's weird to get PEOPLE as gifts, right?
    And does that include cows?
  9. iStock
    Nine ladies dancing
    Like....nine strippers? Is that how this is?
    Also, where is your true love getting all this money?
  10. iStock
    Ten lords a-leaping
    Ten LARPers LARPing
    Are we still doing this? Really?
  11. iStock
    Eleven vapers vaping
    Eleven pipers piping
    Eleven hikers hiking
  12. iStock
    Wow, "twelfth" is such a weird looking word
    At this point, are you just sorta bored with getting these extravagant gifts? Has the novelty worn off?
    Twelve drummers drumming

How Well Do You Know "The Twelve Days Of Christmas"?


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