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Third Eye Blind Dude Is Charging $250 For Personalized Facebook Messages

Stephan Jenkins is doing birthday and anniversary shout-outs, but you can probably get him to say anything since it's for charity. He might also be up for some furry stuff.

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Stephan Jenkins, the lead singer of Third Eye Blind, is offering the personalized Facebook wall posts through Luminary Lane, a site that offers "exclusive experiences from luminaries you love" to raise money for charities. Jenkins is giving some of his money to Tipping Point, a non-profit that fights poverty in the Bay Area. He's also offering private concerts and backstage meet-and-greets, and inviting fans to create their own "dream experience" with him.

Jenkins seems to be strongly suggesting some kind of weird furry scenario, but he might draw the line at yiffing.

Via Maggie Serota at Low Times Podcast.

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