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    21 Things No One Ever Tells You About Collecting Vinyl

    Say good-bye to all your money!

    1. You will blow sooooooooooo much money on buying your records, and that's before you factor in your stereo and various accessories.


    2. Like, you are going to splurge on vinyl so often that it will become a problem.


    3. You'll inevitably buy a reissue and find out that it's mastered directly from a CD and sounds like garbage.


    4. You'll realize that a lot of albums are less fun when you have to get up to flip sides or change records every three songs.

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    5. You will eventually feel the crushing disappointment of spending a lot of money on a record you wanted very badly, but getting home to find out it's warped.

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    6. A lot of things you will want on vinyl either don't exist in that format.


    7. Or were made, but in extremely small numbers, making it almost impossible to find.


    8. Or only came out in some far away land.

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    9. You'll feel compelled to joylessly buy records you don't even like much so you can have a complete discography on your shelf.


    10. You will become well acquainted with the frustration of constantly losing eBay auctions at the last moment.


    11. You'll spend an inordinate amount of time worrying that your stereo and your needle aren't good enough.


    12. You will have to obsessively clean every used record you buy so you don't ruin your expensive-ass needle.


    13. You will learn that your house was way, way more dust in it than you ever imagined.

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    14. You'll devote a lot of time to alphabetizing and categorizing.


    15. You'll excitedly show people who visit your home your record collection, and feel a bit crushed when they aren't particularly impressed.

    16. You'll discover that you're sometimes too lazy to put on vinyl and play music on CDs or your computer instead.


    17. You can look forward to older collectors treating you like a naïve moron when they learn you're new to collecting.


    18. But you'll feel irrationally annoyed when you see someone buy an expensive but crappy new pressing of an album that is commonly found in used record bins.


    19. You'll be vaguely annoyed by the idea of Whole Foods and Urban Outfitters selling vinyl even though it's not necessarily a bad thing.

    20. You'll end up spending a LOT of time staying in and listening to your records.

    21. But you'll be OK with that.